Loco Content Manager

Mumbai, Full time

About Us: 

Loco is democratizing entertainment by enabling users across India to participate in live gameshows through their phones.

Having launched in January 2018, we already have >1 crore users and are looking to solve boredom for the next 500+ million users who come on to the Indian internet. Would love to for you to join us on this mission and build a world class tech company!

We're part of India's fastest growing digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces. Our sister brands include some of the most popular brands on the Indian internet: FilterCopy, Dice Media, and Gobble. Our investors include Sequoia Capital, 3one4 Capital, and the Infosys co-founders.


Job Responsibilities :

Building scalable solutions for generating content for a platform with aggressive growth targets

* Managing workflow and processes to keep running the day to day of live production smoothly

* Finding and coordinating with external partners - content creators, translators and producers

* Supervising resource allocation and mentorship for in-house team

* Writing new quiz/trivia questions in a variety of categories including pop culture, history, entertainment, and sports

* Editing and fact-checking existing trivia/quiz questions

* Developing ideas for new kinds of games to be offered on the app



* An interest in popular culture, general knowledge, trivia

* An interest in mobile apps, games and how people engage with interactive content and formats

* Detail-oriented and analytical thinker, with a strong willingness to learn

* Content writing experience will be a plus

* Experience with dedicated analytics platform like Google Analytics, CleverTap, etc. is a bonus

* Self-starter, capable of thriving in a startup environment that values risk-taking and constant learning

* Multi-lingual skills and strong research skills are a bonus


* Experience with database management systems would be a plus


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