Back End Engineer

Mumbai, Full time

We want to make data-driven decisions for growing our business. We are building an automated advertising platform, a data analytics and visualization pipelines. The Back-End Engineer will help craft the design and implement all back-end aspects of these products. As an early technical hire, you will also help create and execute overall technology strategy of Pocket Aces.
The software that you build will be core to our mission as a company and critical to its success.
What we are looking for:
  • Personal traits:
    • Loves solving a real-world problem using cutting-edge software
    • Values building Minimum Viable Product
    • Passionate about writing reliable, readable, testable, and maintainable code
    • Experience designing data-structures and algorithms
    • Willingness to learn new emerging methodologies in Data-Science, Data Analytics, and Data Analysis
  • Software skills:
    • Proficiency with Python and Python frameworks like Django, Flask, etc
    • Proficiency with NoSQL databases like mongoDb
    • AWS suite, including EC2, S3, Glacier, etc
    • Experience designing RESTful APIs
  • Good to have:
    • Understanding of code versioning tools (Git/Mercurial/SVN)
    • Deep understanding of OOP
    • Experience with data visualization tools
    • Experience with data science pipelines and tools
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