Backend Developer

Bengaluru, Full time

Responsibilities include to regularly ship high-impact features, take ownership of the features and release them post building and testing. You will also be required to keep tabs and push changes rapidly.  
What we are looking for-
  • ●  3 years of demonstrable experience with back-end engineering

  • ●  Strong algorithmic, discrete math, data structures, computational complexity

  • ●  Experience with computer security and AWS is a bonus

  • ●  In-depth knowledge of databases and middleware technologies (MySQL/PostgreSQL, RESTful Web services, Web sockets, etc.) preferably on AWS

  • ●  Design, build, and maintain reliable reusable backend architecture, which scales to serve more than a million concurrent users

  • ●  Work with product, business, and customer excellence teams to understand their requirements and architect appropriate solutions

  • ●  Knack for solving complex problems without compromising on code quality and performance

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