Android Developer

Bengaluru, Full time

Responsibilities include to regularly ship high-impact features, take ownership of the features and release them post building and testing. You will also be required to keep tabs and push changes rapidly.  
What we look for: 
  • ●  Product development experience of 2 years in mobile startups with expertise in designing and implementing high performance mobile applications

  • ●  Thorough knowledge of the Android platform, its SDK, its build system and its capabilities

  • ●  Strong knowledge of the mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies

  • ●  Have published one or more apps in the Play Store

  • ●  Proven ability to write well-structured and maintainable code

  • ●  Ability to tweak aesthetics, usability, and UX flow

  • ●  Attention to front-end detail that will shorten review cycles

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