UI / UX Designer

Bengaluru, Full time

Responsibilities include taking India's #1 live trivia game show to India's #1 interactive entertainment platform.


The responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer:

  • Learn from and teach a small, experienced team
  • Learn from and share your knowledge with a lean team, with strong experience of scaling consumer-facing applications to millions of users
  • Regularly ship high-impact features.
  • Take ownership of the features, build them from scratch, test them, release them, keep tabs and push changes rapidly
What we are looking for:
  • 2 years of experience crafting UI designs for multiple screen sizes & platforms
  • Excellent with designs, typography, font pairings, visual hierarchy, etc across various platforms (Android, iOS, web) and across screen sizes (high- and low-end phone, phablets, tablets)
  • Understand common UI Patterns, grid layouts, responsiveness across platforms
  • Strong attention to detail and an uncompromising attitude in carrying designs from Sketch files to live production
  • Experience with SVGs, micro-interactions & animations
  • Analytical and data-driven approach to explain the design decisions
  • A good understanding of the product life-cycle and understanding design trade-offs at each step in the life-cycle
  • Some experience with prototyping, IA, IxD, user research
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