Sales & Brand Solutions Manager

Bengaluru, Full time


Sales & Brand Solutions Manager based in Bengaluru will play a pivotal role in scaling up and spearheading the brand partnership movement by collaborating with the right brands for the right content. This will require experience with selling to brands- Brand sales, Partner Acquisition, Ad/Media sales- and an ability to solution and integrate content in unique ways.


Detailed Responsibilities: 

- Develop a sales strategy for Pocket Aces to target innovative and relevant brands for content integration, while developing a strong brand identity for the firm in the market.

- Identify avenues for generating revenue through advertising, sponsorship by collaborating with brands on existing or new content generated. Also, develop attractive packages for direct & ad sales.

- Manage Key Accounts: Proactively manage day-to-day business relationships with current clients and identify growth opportunities on key accounts.

- Preparing and presenting sales pitch: for clients and other stakeholders. Documenting all projects and case studies to serve as references for future clients and business growth. Liaising with internal teams as and when required.

- Monitor and regularly review advertising/market trends, innovations, and competitive data, and keep the team informed of any key developments, trends in the marketplace. Design proactive solutions and effective campaigns for clients’ basis the same.

- Represent Pocket Aces at industry-specific events and seminars to increase brand awareness and market presence.


What are we looking for:

  • Personal traits:
    • Passion for cinema, entertainment, and digital media.
    • Detail-oriented, analytical, thinker, technologist, and market-aware.
    • Self-started, capable of thriving in a startup environment that values risk-taking and constant learning.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Prior experience in B2B Sales in a digital media & entertainment company.
    • Ability to understand complex technology and convey it in an easy-to-understand manner.
    • Knack for not only opening more doors but closing more deals.
    • Should have a network of local businesses and/or agencies.
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