Software Engineer

Gurgaon Office, Full time

We are building a large talent pool of unique skillsets that are required to build modern AI and ML applications. The field of Machine Learning is constantly evolving with new libraries and frameworks being released every month. This makes the task of our Software Engineers challenging as well as fun.

Our typical software engineer spends a day dabbling with different Deep Learning libraries powering our Deep Learning stack and optimizing them for production use. Our APIs receive around a million hits a day and some of our DL models are thousands of layers deep and need immense resources to make them work in real-time in productions settings. 

If this sounds interesting, we would love to have a chat and throw some more challenges at you!

As a Software Engineer, you will be performing following tasks among other software engineering task:

- Building server-side logic that powers our APIs

- Implementing backend REST and GraphQL APIs

- Collaborate with the Data Science team to deploy Machine Learning Models in production

- Contribute actively in product architecture and decisions


- 3-4 years of programming experience in Python

- Good software design skills, including debugging, performance analysis and test design

- Experience with at least one Python micro web frameworks like Flask, Tornado etc. for writing REST APIs

- Experience with SQL/NoSQL databases

- Familiarity with Cloud Platforms (AWS/GCP)

- Some familiarity with Machine Learning libraries like Tensorflow and Pytorch will be preferred

- Familiarity with version control tools.

If you've got experience with lower level languages such as C/C++/Go or know about algorithms, that'd be huge.



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