Human Resource Manager

Bangalore, Full time

If you are driven by building high performance teams and processes from scratch, this role is meant for you! We are currently scaling our teams to build a great foundation for the future. As an HR Manager, you will be the go-to person for all employee-related issues, your duties will involve all aspects of Human Resources practices and processes within our team. You will be reporting directly to the founders and will play a key role in growth of the company.

Job Description

* Align business practice with people to drive effective performance.
* Identify, analyse, scale and implement best practices suited for the organization through effective talent management.
* Identify hiring needs and lead the acquisition and recruitment process.
* Develop effective partnerships with employees, managers, and ensure a positive work environment. Create a robust employee network.
* Be the guardian of culture & change management – for changes that have any people implications.
* Evaluate potential employee challenges and address proactively to enhance employee satisfaction.
* Develop and nurture professional relationships with peers, colleagues, business and senior leaders and build effective employee engagement strategy.
* Coordinate and execute payroll and legal needs of the company.
* Create effective analytical reports to analyze employee information. Enable managers & leaders with proactive solutions to address people challenges and foster positive work environment

* Strong Leadership skills
* Ability to navigate through multiple stakeholders and build strong working relationships across all levels of the organization
* Passionate and driven by ownership across all facets of the job requirement including people, business, culture & leadership
* Should have experience of minimum 2 years

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