Paid Marketing Specialist (Performance Marketing)

Bangalore, Full time

As a Paid Marketing Specialist, you will dabble across all outbound efforts for Omnify. You will drive customer acquisition through innovative methods and work closely with members across all teams to drive efficient ROI across channels.

1. Execute marketing strategies for growth
2. Manage and execute initiatives around SEO, SEM, paid, sponsored content.
3. Develop product positioning and messaging through user research, market insights, and product understanding
4. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) for our funnel, from landing page signups, through onboarding, revenue, and referrals:
- Tracking, analyzing and reporting on data for customer acquisition, onboarding, and lifetime engagement.
5. Manage paid marketing campaigns, optimizing keywords, copy, media, targeting, bids
6. Deep understanding of our target market and be on top of the latest trends and competitors.

1. You are passionate about business metrics and analytics. You love generating funnels and reports
2. Hands-on experience executing SEM and Inorganic Campaigns across different platforms
3. Excellent communication skills (verbal, written)
4. Experience with SaaS analytics and event-tracking tools (Mixpanel, Google Analytics)
5. Deep familiarity with A/B and multivariate experiments
6. Landing page layout/copy (part of A/B tests)
7. Extremely detail- and quality-oriented
8. Self-motivated, experienced in working in a high-growth SaaS startup

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