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Career transitions can feel like a dark and winding road paved with uncertainty, stress, and fear. 

Through our fee-based coaching, we’ll empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to ensure that the next step in your career path starts with your best foot forward including resume writing, search strategy, personal branding, interview prep and personalized introductions to the area's best employers. 


We have highly tailored packages for a variety of stages:

  • Resume & LinkedIn: Find out what recruiters think when they see your resume and LinkedIn. Includes specific edits and ideas to get your info past the online application.
  • Second Wind: You know what you want and need help getting there.
  • Compass: You know you need a change but aren't sure what yet.
  • Toolkit: You're looking to grow as a professional in your current role and beyond.

What to expect with any coaching package:

  • All information, conversations & results are kept 100% confidential.
  • Honesty. We may need to tell you some tough truths. We’ll care enough to do so.
  • An ongoing support system from our Newance Job Network and NEWaukee network. We'll be able to facilitate personalized introductions. We’ll also keep in touch well into the future with opportunities that could interest you. 
  • We’re career specialists. While we’ll absolutely get to know you and talk about your life to date, there may be instances in which a life coaching or therapy session might be more appropriate. In those cases we’re happy to recommend exceptional professionals in our network.
  • Career Coaching candidates are automatically enrolled into The Network.
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