Data Analyst

Bengaluru, Full time

Job Description
• Gathering data from various sources, data transformation and data warehousing
• Generating automated reports, building and maintaining dashboards
• Exploratory data analysis and data visualization
• Understanding the needs of different stakeholders and designing appropriate solutions
• Building data pipelines for analysis and ML algorithms
• Helping with various experimentations during the exploration and development phase.
• Creating meaningful metrics to measure various processes
• Communicating results and proposals in clear manner to all involved parties.
Skills and Qualifications
• Degrees in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics or related fields
• Proficiency with SQL and database
• Skilled in data wrangling (split-apply-combine), analysis and visualization
• Exploratory data analysis
• Experience in programming (e.g., Python or R)
• Understanding of various data structures and common methods in data transformation
• Ability to communicate and collaborate with the team
• Critical thinking and attention to details
• Eagerness and curiosity to learn and apply new techniques.
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