Systems Engineer - Cassandra / Kafka / Docker

Portsmouth|Fareham|Southampton, Full time

Systems Engineers do amazing things
Our systems service millions of endusers with large amounts of data, in realtime, and according to demanding SLAs. We’re always adding features and making things work better. We don’t tolerate systems with poor performance just because there might be a CDN on the front, or poor uptime like everyone would allow a scrappy B2C startup, or slow change like in a big company. We’re about fast, reliable, scalable, and ever improving.
Our systems make heavy use of the latest technology, especially where they easily distribute across instances and datacentres. Cassandra, Kafka, Docker et al are our friends. We’re currently hosted entirely on AWS, but we’re not wedded to them. Our instances are Livestock, not Pets. We have good tools for automatically managing them, because there’s no time to massage instances individually.
Finally, we’re very proud of our monitoring, which can graph almost anything, and quickly see the alerts that matter. This makes the life of a Systems Engineer more pleasant, and allows support duties to be shared with Software Engineers.
We are makers — we spend most of our time making things, not just talking about making things. We’ll always be smaller than other teams with comparable ambitions, and we believe this makes for a better life. Everyone can have their say, work on things that matter to them, and see the results go live to millions. Joining us means real challenges, hard but satisfying work, plenty of opportunity to learn about and use new technology. And quite a few perks.
If this sounds like a breath of fresh air, we’d love to talk.
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Position Details
Full-time, permanent, starting immediately.
Reports to CEO.
We are a small team with a horizontal hierarchy: just one team, no departments, no bureaucracy.
You will work with everyone equally, and as an equal, with the same tools and processes.
Everyone strives for excellence daily, and takes pride in impacting the life of millions.
Location, hours
Location: our Hampshire office.
Flexible hours: make your own schedule, work 2 days a week from home; just don’t miss the daily team meeting (Happy Hour) at noon. Occasional collocation with full team in London (we’re currently distributed in 4 locations across the UK).
30 days holiday in addition to public holidays.
Apple laptop.
Solid and liquid treats in the office including biscuits, nuts, fruit, coffee, teas, San Pellegrino juice, bottled water, beers, cider.
There are also several savory treats including pot noodles. Bubbly & cake for metaversaries and other special occasions.
A colorful office full of happy plants.
Pretty cool colleagues.
Extended team Christmas celebrations. 
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