CEO / BU Leader

Chicago, Full time

Our client is a recently acquired Telecoms BSS / Billing company that has become a BU of a major North American software business. The business will continue to operate under its own brand and have its own P&L. The size of the revenue is in the range of 5-10 million USD and 20-30 headcount.

The Client's platform includes billing, POS, CRM, operational support software and is the central source of all retail fulfilment and revenue assurance for its communication service provider customers worldwide.


The client is headquartered in California, USA. Due to retirement of the Owner (who was the CEO( we are looking to recruit a CEO / VBU Leader with experience of Mobile and Fixed Telecommunications OSS/BSS P&L Management. The person must have some previous experience of successfully running a P&L (growing a company profitably).



  • Business Planning:

o   Strategic Planning (Annual):

§  Ensure all BU’ have long-range, annual and quarterly financial and non-financial goals; including succession plans for all BU Heads.

o   Operations Planning & Quarterly Strategic Review (QSR) (Annual & Quarterly):

§  Preparation of quarterly forecasts and long-range P&L projections;

o   Initiative Planning (Annual & Quarterly)

§  Preparation of annual and quarterly adjusted Initiative Plans; Must have committed PAF revenues associated.

    • Talent Management & Score Cards (Annual, December)
      • Score Cards for Each Functional Department (next fiscal)

§  Ensure organization development plans are in place (to achieve next level of scale, development of high-potential staff, and succession risk management)

  • Business & Financial Reporting:

o   Business Metrics & Tracking:

§  Ensure each BU tracks and publishes financial and non-financial metrics that assist with decision-making and problems solving across all functional groups and initiatives.

§  Ensure recurring revenue renewals are received on time, without shrinkage by customer or value.

§  Ensure all invoicing and collections are in line with contractual and scope requirements.

§  Continuous Working Capital improvement.

§  Recurring revenue price Increase implementation methods.

      • Organize and present Quarterly Operations Reviews
  • Operations Management:
    • Executive sponsorship of key partners and key customers;
    • Oversee all functional managers and drive organization to achieve and exceed financial and non-financial QSR and Score Card objectives
    • Monitor performance of management team, coach and develop team, upgrade where necessary. Priority is Sales team refresh.
    • Hands-on participation in resolving day-to-day issues including those related to sales performance, sales opportunity management, sales forecasting, R&D capacity management, services resourcing, global coverage, customer support, and customer project delivery
    • Participate in the strategic development of all customers, shore up revenue and drive change requests and other product advancements.
    • Identify risks and issues and put in place remediation and mitigation plans
    • Identify opportunities and put in place business advancement plans
  • Strategic Reviews & Q&A:
    • Prepare for and present annual strategic review to wider group management
    • Attend Volaris quarterly strategy sessions and annual Academy
  • M&A:
    • Be involved in assessment, integration and oversight of new tuck-in’s / acquisitions and other regional activity.




  • Ideal candidates will have all of the following experience, skills, knowledge, and personal characteristics:
    • Degree computer science or similar
    • 10+ years referenceable as a P&L leader in a software company
    • International / global responsibility and experience
    • Telecommunications industry domain knowledge
    • Strong analytical skills in combination with strategic, action-oriented mindset
    • Team player and outstanding ability to work with and through others
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • High energy and sense of urgency
    • High curiosity and ability to investigate and learn new domains and technologies
    • Ability to travel up to 25-50% of the work month on average
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Ideally the client is looking to pay in the region of 120K USD base + 120K USD variable. What would the package have to look like for you to be interested (there might be some flexibility)*
Do you have previous experience of running a P&L? If so what sort of size? Our client's revenue is 6 million USD's currently.*
What is your availability?*
Do you have any experience in the Telco BSS / CRM / Revenue Assurance / Retail billing space*
Do you require a work permit to work in the USA?*
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