Risk Analyst

Bangalore, Full time

Instamojo is powering more than 1 million MSMEs into the digital space. It enables them in every aspect of the journey from Start, to Manage, and Grow their business.At Instamojo, there is an opportunity that arises with every idea, and we work hard to stay at the top of our game.Our culture code comprises of below actions -Think long term

Create positive impact

Be who you are

Have integrity

Deal with uncertainty

Take ownership


Core Responsibilities:

● Underwriting, Fraud Investigations, Risk & Compliance Checks.

● Perform credit analysis and underwriting activities

● Evaluate financial position and credit worthiness, for prospective and existing

commercial/merchant/portfolio accounts

● Investigate patterns and indicators that emerge which increases the risk exposure of Instamojo

● Create a profile that includes a list of many different areas in which fraud may occur and the

types of fraud that are possible in this area. This could really be sort of a top-down approach in

terms of where fraud is likely to occur

● Quantify the risk of fraud and the overall exposure to the organization. Deal with the high

priorities by monitoring them on an on-going basis

● Do some ad-hoc testing to look for indicators of fraud in these areas and based on this analysis,

establish a good risk-assessment and prioritize


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