Data Analyst/Scientist

Bangalore, Full time


- Coming up with actionable insights from data mining to drive feature development across all dimensions of product

- Building continuously evolving monitoring frameworks for various functions in the organisation

- Improving our analytical engine and data plumbing

- Performing fast, lean experiments to validate hypotheses and design frameworks to monitor their successes/failures

- Working closely with Sales team to understand the conversion pipeline and utilise the information to improve conversion

- Working closely with risk team to understand the leading indicators of fraud and developing automated risk assessors

- Developing models to predict customer churn and drive sales pipeline prioritisation

- Solving the unsolvable!


- At least two years of analytical experience

- Very strong analytical skills - basic understanding of Cohort Analysis, Funnelling and Predictive Modelling is a must

- Proficiency in SQL, R or Python

- Excellent communication skills to present analyses to a wide range of audience

- Experience with at least one data visualisation tool

- Zeal to find actionable insights out of raw data

- Experience in taking goal-driven and not gut-driven decisions

Additional Skills:

Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Analysis

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