Senior DevOps Engineer

Bangalore, Full time

If you choose to accept the mission, you’re expected to:

● Takeover the ownership of our existing infrastructure (in AWS) following the Infrastructure as code philosophy.

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● Maintain and improve our Card Data Environment (PCI DSS certified). Help us clear PCI DSS & other security (re)certifications with flying colors.
● Adopt new architectures, re-design the infrastructure to solve problems we’ll be facing as we scale.

● Build tools, integrations and services to help engineering team, and automate everything.
● Handle our infrastructure security. Be the 1st hacker to break our network defences, and fix it. Leave no door open.
● Make our existing data stores (Kafka / Elasticsearch / Redis / Postgres / Redshift etc.) more scalable and reliable.
● Implement new clusters as we scale up and are in need of them. It could be Cassandra or Druid or Aerospace.
● And a lot more..

Primary tools or services you’ll be using:


● AWS (Who doesn’t?)
● Docker (All our services run inside Docker)
● Terraform (Infrastructure as code)
● AWS Lambda
● Postgresql, Redis, Kafka, Elasticsearch
● Some popular 3rd party services (integrated with our infrastructure) ● Python & Go for lots of scripting.

You’re a perfect fit if:

● You fixed an partial outage issue, but you can’t rest peacefully until you put safeguards to prevent this from happening again.


● You try for perfect code, even though you know it's a myth. Because, you believe it's about journey not the destination.
● You un-complicate things because simple things are easy to debug, maintain and fix. ● You’re lazy, so you build tools to do your job and you can continue being lazy.

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