Assistant Language Teacher

Location: All across Japan

Position overview:

Interac Group, Japan's largest private provider of assistant language teachers (ALTs) with over 3,200 teaching employees, is seeking applications from professional and motivated people looking to make teaching English in Japan the next stop on their career paths.

Interac ALTs enrich the lives of children by sharing their knowledge of English, building communication skills, and sharing cultural insights. Your job would be two-fold: language instructor and cultural ambassador. These two aspects are inseparable, and Interac ALTs aim to become experts in both. Entrusted with being the English expert in the classroom, you could expect to teach on your own, with a Japanese teacher present to help manage the classroom..

While most positions start in Fall and Spring (in sync with the Japanese public school calendar), everyone is welcome to apply to be considered for any number of positions at one of Interac’s 15 regional branches around the country. 

Simply complete your profile on this site and apply to this job posting. We will take it from there!

As an ALT you can expect to:

  • Start things off right with an intensive (paid!) initial training and orientation session
  • Work in an elementary, junior or senior high school teaching English as a second language
  • Attend on-going skills development and training programs
  • Become an important part of your school and local community by participating in festivals, events and other activities
  • Take advantage of Interac’s Career Navigation Program (CNP) and build portable skills you can leverage in the classroom or take with you into a potential staff position like recruiter, head teacher, trainer, or even office staff
  • Have comprehensive support in securing the proper visa, housing, transportation and other arrangements to help insure a smooth transition to your new life in Japan.

Working conditions:

  • Salary range of 2.4 to 3.0 million yen annually for 12 month contracts
  • 1 year contract (renewable by mutual consent)
  • Work Mondays to Fridays with scheduled teaching hours between 8 am and 5 pm (there will be a few times a year when schools will have special evenings or weekend events) 
  • Enrollment in National Health or Pension schemes, Employment Insurance and Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance
  • 10 paid holidays a year (5 planned) with breaks during the summer and winter school holidays

Successful candidates will be required to:

  • Be a university graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree (in any subject) at least 4 months prior to arrival (still, you can apply at any time)
  • Have a valid Driver's License
  • Can evidence having at least 12 years of education where the language of instruction in all courses was English
  • Professional in all aspects of behavior, a team-player, flexible, cheerful, and energetic

Before submitting your application, we strongly advise you to check the requirements listed on our website in order to ensure that you qualify. We also recommend that you double check the details on your profile in order to ensure that the status of residence, phone, email, previous work details, etc. are accurate. Due to the ongoing nature of our recruiting activities, it may be some time before you receive a response to your application.

**A final note: this application is intended for people currently residing in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago.)

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