Marketing Automation Manager

Bangalore, Full time

Our products are used by one-man startups to Fortune 500 companies, by companies like LinkedIn to organizations like NASA, by retail companies in Africa to banks in Europe. All in all, by 27,000 customers and 700,000 developers in 120 countries.

And working at that scale involves solving complicated problems. The kind of problems that separate the boys from the men. Come take a look at some of the problems that we solve on an everyday basis.

With more than 100,000 unique site visitors a month and with a lead base of 750,000+, we’re looking to set up a fully functional lead nurturing and marketing automation system to nurture this mid funnel audience to paying customers. Further, with looking to cross sell and up-sell to our existing customer base of 28,000. We’re looking for a passionate marketer who is skilled at marketing automation & lead nurturing to take end to end ownership of this function.

Skillsets/Prerequisites we’re looking for:

2-5 Years of marketing experience. 
2+ Years experience in setting up and managing at least 1 of the marketing automation system like - Marketo, Pardot,, HubSpot and the likes. 
Deep knowledge in understanding lead acquisition across various paid (facebook, google) to organic (website, blogs) channels, lead segmentation and lead scoring basis engagement with the brand (across marketing & sales funnels). 
Strategy & Execution of lead nurturing activities across platforms like - Email, Remarketing, Website (Lead Hooks), Landing Pages and the likes. 
Web/Product/Content Marketing approaches to capture qualified leads and nurture them. These could be across content marketing microsites, to promotional leadpages, to even social networking lead capturing. 
A good understanding of Data, in terms of lead scoring and segmentation to help marketing and sales project overall SQLs from MQLs.

Key Responsibility Areas:

Set up Marketing Automation System - HubSpot / Pardot / Marketo
Set up Email, web notification, Lead Hooks 
Set up Drip Campaigns 
Integrate Educational (DV level) & Product (FC level) content into Nurturing 
Analyze nurturing process, create A/B Tests 
Lead Hook Creation, positioning & A/B Testing 

We’re looking for passionate marketers who want to create a successful digital transformation story. This will not be your normal 9-5 job. We’re looking for hustlers who are data driven and quick to experiment and take action.

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