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Bangalore, Full time

FusionCharts, a JavaScript charting library for developers, comes with a strong organic footprint with 100,000+ users a month, through organic sources. To expand our presence in the charting ecosystem and scale to new market segments (with new products in pipeline); we're looking for a content writer to expand our organic activities with new projects.
At   FusionCharts , we believe in the 4-step methodology for successful content marketing: Strategy | Creation | Distribution | Analysis. Let's look at how the content writer plays a role in this methodology:
Strategy & Creation: Figuring out content topics & building a content pipeline:
You will be working with two teams on the following:
1) Developer Content Team: We have a strong set of content writers who have have developer experience, and currently write content around the following:
  • Installation & getting started guides
  • Charting with different technology stacks (with code snippets)
  • Charting details (features, functions, themes etc.)
  • APIs and other developer documentation
Outcome: You will work with the team leads to figure out how we can take these developer documentation and reuse them to create interesting articles/video series/ebooks. Example of content. More examples in our blog.
2) Data Visualization Team: We have a strong set of Data Visualization experts, who have and are building products around charts & dashboards. You need to work with this team of DV experts to:
  • Research on Deep DV articles online
  • Discuss product features & functionalities and how DV is incorporated in them
  • Read DV Books
Outcome: You will work with the team to create a set of topics and content material around Data Visualization and prepare articles/videos/infographics/ebooks around the same. Example of content.
Distribution & Analysis: You will report to and work with the marketing team
to learn and ensure that all the content pieces are aligned to business outcomes:
1) Content pieces having clear keyword themes & sub themes
2) Creating multiple content formats - a blog series into a video series
3) Figuring out distribution strategies:
  • Sharing on 3rd party forums (free & paid promotions)
  • Asking developers to share it in their communities
  • Building backlinks & referring domains
4) Having clear visibility on analytics & answering:
  • Which are top performing content themes & pieces?
  • Which content is bring traffic back to web properties?
  • Which content is acting as lead hooks? (and increasing mid funnel size for our nurturing team)
We're primarily targeting two personas:
  • Tech users (primary persona): developers & tech team leads
  • Business users (influencer persona): product managers & team leads
We're looking for someone who has strengths in:
  • Flawless content writing - 70% of the role will be writing actual content, and we're looking for someone who has past experience in writing for global (preferably US) audiences, and has experience in understanding mature personas like product managers, tech leads and developers.
  • Researching new topics - You will have to learn Data Visualization to write amazing content around it.
  • Challenging the code - Even if you don't have a developer background, we're looking for someone having an open mind to learn how developers build charts and dashboards in their products.
What to expect?
We're a growing team of learners, passionable about data visualization & enabling that for developers (750,000 and growing) and businesses (28,000 and growing) around the world. You'll be working directly with the marketing head, and multiple team leads (including a kickass in-house design team).
If you're interested, we'll share the assignment with you.
Looking to create the next organic success story with content with seo baked in? Get in touch. :D
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