Supervisor Billing

New Orleans, Full time

The Supervisor of Billing will perform all the duties necessary to ensure quality customer service for policy holders, members, brokers, and all business stakeholders.  The basis for achieving quality customer service is consistency in maintaining departmental standards for quality and service in the administration of billing and premium collection, and all related activities, such as banking related to self-funded client transactions, and payments to brokers and consultants.

  • Supervise the activities of the staff, monitor, and maintain production standards for quality and timeliness, re-assign responsibilities and staff based on priority and need, and ensure all procedures, processes and guidelines are consistently followed.
  • Monitor and track the activities and performance of the staff in executing the responsibilities of the department within timing and quality standards.
  • Assign and prioritize the responsibilities and tasks of the staff.
  • Administer and execute product and process training for the staff, including preparation and maintenance of training materials.
  • Coach the staff with respect to system functionality and industry practices.
  • Coordinate administrative matters involving the staff, including the scheduling of PTO, and maintaining attendance records in Kronos.
  • Work with the Manager and Second Vice President in addressing disciplinary issues involving the staff.
  • Promote departmental quality and service standards in all tasks.
  • Take ownership of special assignments and projects, as needed.
  • Timely and regularly prepare metrics reports for Management that measure the performance of staff and identify training opportunities and skill deficiencies.
  • Prepare performance and metrics reporting on a timely and regular basis
  • Assist with preparation of reports to business stakeholders, including, but not limited to, Clients, Brokers, Management, Actuarial, Legal and Compliance
  • Participate in production activities to advance tasks and facilitate timely and quality customer service
  • Create and maintain process documentation and checklists for guiding staff through product-specific tasks for managing all departmental responsibilities
  • Be actively involved with IT in addressing needed system enhancements and system fixes
  • Assist with any departmental tasks, as needed, and prioritize as required
  • Complete special assignments and projects, as needed.
  • Assist with managing escalation and exception requests received from Account Managers, Regional Sales Vice Presidents, brokers, or any stakeholders, and resolving the requests within timing standards.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

Required:   Five years’ insurance experience

Preferred:  Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field; One-year accounting or finance experience;  

LOMA or other designation

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