360° Sourcing Solutions

Tools to help you source great prospects from anywhere anytime

Engage Passive Candidates

With recruiterflow you can convert passive leads to active candidates and stop relying on only inbound candidates.

Gain email superpowers

  • Personalize all your communication with mail merge.
  • Easily run drip email campaigns based on rules to customize candidate's journey at every step of the process
  • Track all your emails for engagement metrics with real time email open updates

Complete tool set for recruitment marketing

Recruiterflow comes with a comprehensive toolset for you to nurture candidates and engage with them in the most personalized and most effective way. You can build the perfect candidate journey with brand aligned messaging and content that will not only expand your recruitment funnel but will also enhance brand.

Careers Page Check List

  • Robust API support
  • Customizable Application Process
  • Mobile and SEO ready
  • Built in Multimedia Support
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