Reporting and Analytics

Beautiful Visualizations and Instant Insights

Insights that really matter

You can't improve it, if you can't measure it. Recruiterflow comes with beautiful visualizations and pre built reports that tells you the health of your current pipeline and informs your future strategy. Here are some of the critical reports you can get out of the box.

Velocity & Time to Hire

  • Find out how fast does your team make decisions and move candidates to next stages. How much time does an average candidate spend in a particular stage. Identify bottlenecks to make improvements in your hiring process.
  • Find out the amount of time it takes you to close a position. Plan your recruitment process in advance and get to timely hire.

Sourcing Efficiency

  • Your sourcing and job advertising effort can be vain if you don't know the efficiency of each source. Our unique algorithm gives an efficiency score to each source based on the quality of candidates and velocity at which they supply great candidates. Eventually, you will be able to target your job promotion better and hunt with a spear instead of casting a net!

Analytics done right

Analytics becomes your cornerstone on improving your recruitment process and hiring bar. Recruiterflow comes with beautiful data visualizations, versatile features and data export capabilities. Here are a few other kind of reports that you can get out of the box.

  • New candidates report
  • Pipeline health report
  • Interview report
  • Team performance report

Reporting Checklist

  • Beautiful Data Visualizations
  • CSV and PDF Export of Reports
  • Versatile Filters and Drilldowns
  • Conversation Threading
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