Productivity, meet recruiting

Spend time building relationships, not data entry.


Recruit straight from your inbox

Native integration with your gmail
Automated data logging
All your candidate information right when you need it
Get replies straight to your inbox

Don't waste your time in inbox with email syncing

Full email sync. All your communication nearly organized.
Track when and how many times candidates & contacts open your email.
Powerful mail merge - Never lose your personal touch
source candidates

Schedule and reschedule with confidence

Schedule calls and interviews with candidates and your team with ease
Automatically update everyone on the team when you reschedule an interview
Sync your gsuite or office 365 calendar with Recruiterflow

The highest rated recruiting software

Recruiting productivity

Candidate management

Recruiterflow auto populated your data so that you can focus on things that matter.

Contact management

All of your contacts are a click away. Never miss a conversation and nurture your relationships.

Pipeline management

Customizable pipelines help you see you visualize progress.


Task management

Put your collaboration on hyper drive with powerful task management system.

Automated email sync

Our seamless integration with gsuite and office 365 means that your emails are always logged without you doing anything.

Alerts & notifications

Stay on top of your game by always staying connected with what's happening in your recruiting organisation.


Powerful emailing automations

Send rule based emails and surprise your candidates with an incredible experience.

Nurture email sequences

Email sequences to nurture your candidates and contacts. Put your relations on auto mode.


Integrate Recruiterflow to your favourite apps. Say goodbye to manual export and import.

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