Innovations Fellow (Team Performance Advisory)

Nairobi, Internship

Small and growing businesses and nonprofits are designing innovative solutions to the issues society is facing. Professionals seek a career in which their talent contributes to building something meaningful. At edge we are passionate about improving business performance through building high-performance teams, ultimately building a "Thank God, it's Monday" society.

About edge

Our path to becoming the trusted partner for growth-oriented enterprises and individuals around talent-related questions, such as putting the right people on the right job, consciously enabling performance, building a meaningful & balanced career, choosing and implementing systems and processes is quickly taking shape

In East Africa since 2014 we have grown beyond Nairobi quickly, and have worked with entrepreneurs from Eastern Congo to Northern Tanzania enabling them build their capacity in HR strategy, talent recruitment. performance management and organization culture.

In Kenya we work with clients from Migori to Lodwar to South Coast thinking through what teams and organization culture will help them achieve their objectives and strategies. We have worked in-depth with 50+ start-ups, social businesses and grassroots organizations across East Africa since 2014 and with 200+ others globally.

About the role

Download the full Job Description here as PDF

This Innovations role is a unique opportunity for those with a passion for innovative approaches to human capital in fast-growing and changing organizations.

The Fellow will lead and support a range of product development and client projects and join our team working at the cutting edge of enhancing team performance, organization design and recruitment innovation.

The opportunity is ideal for those interested in contributing to developing new business advisory and talent management models across East Africa, and is limited to a duration of 4-6 months.

We use agile role allocation at edge, which means that your role will keep evolving based on market needs.  On an ongoing basis you will support a range of projects as per your interests and business priorities from the following three areas:
Support Product Innovation, Prototyping and Project Delivery of our Organization Development and Career Advisory Services and Products
  • Collect and analyze needs regards Talent Management, Workplace Experience, Team Performance, Career Satisfaction & Design and Organization Design through research and user interviews
  • Drive utility value of our existing methods and tools, and improve them based on user feedback and market interests
  • For some challenges our clients face, we currently don't have services yet. You will lead in understanding market needs, designing and experimenting different possible solutions, in the process involving at least 5-10 companies in these team & performance transformation approaches during your fellowship.
  • Ensure all products create strong value for the organizational bottom line just as much as transform the individuals' and team's workplace experience
  • Create procedures, manuals and other documentation to support product delivery  at scale
Exploring new partnership and service delivery options
  • Research needs and interests of investors, funders, philanthropic organizations and other players supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, social sector organizations and teams in East Africa
  • Explore partnership opportunities based on joint interests between edge and such players
  • Develop and implement prototypes with potential partners which could lead to transforming hundreds or thousands of organizations and workplaces in the not-so-far future
  • Identifying out of the box approaches to reaching more entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and businesses at scale, identifying viable revenue models
Building systems for growth and scale
  • Identify opportunities for edge to improve the way we deliver our services, with the aim of enhancing quality, scalability, profitability, or user experience.
  • Help us build edge internal systems, in a wide range of business areas such as culture and performance, finances, legal, strategy, based on your interests and current priorities.

Who we are looking for:

  • You have a deep interest in what makes teams work, especially in chaotic environments and fast-changing or growing organizations.
  • Previous experience in a small organization (business or non-profit) is required with a good understanding of and love for what makes these environments unique.
  • Background and experience in some of the following will be helpful:
    • facilitation of team workshops, agenda design, art of hosting, etc
    • handling relationship dynamics,
    • organization structure and design of procedures,
    • recruitment and talent acquisition,
    • human resources strategy and processes,
    • strength-based or innovative talent management,
    • learning, development, training or coaching.
  • Iteration mindset: curiosity, awareness of own assumptions, listen between the lines, willing to be proven wrong, try again, learn from failure.
  • Previous experience in an intercultural work environment. Experience in a developing or emerging market economy is ideal. East Africa exposure is not a must but welcome.
  • First experience in business consulting or advisory is welcome, however we require that you believe in and have a co-creative and empowering approach to consulting
  • Understanding of social enterprise business models and/or community-driven development is an added advantage.
  • You are aware of business, team and management realities in small and growing organizations. Alternatively, we can send you some readings to familiarize yourself with this space. This would accelerate your onboarding once you arrive in Kenya

We think you'd love to join us because

  • We are the coolest team in town, honestly. We love our work and our clients love us!
  • We’re transforming the world of work in Kenya and globally
  • We work closely and deeply with exciting organizations and passionate leaders across East Africa.
  • You will work in an international team with a high commitment to teamwork and learning.
  • You will work directly with the founders and be included in exciting strategic conversations: An incredible and fast-paced learning opportunity!
  • There are flexible hours and home office option. 
  • We'll give you orientation support in Nairobi: Pointing you to accommodation options, transport, safety, trips and food.  Tips and support on cultural integration.

Thinking of applying?

Take a look at our candidate guide (, website and blog ( to see how what we do resonates with you

We cannot offer a stipend, but will cover safe accommodation for you in Nairobi and cover work related expenses (internet, phone calls local transport to meetings). For the duration of the fellowship, you will need to budget for food, personal effects, and transport to the office (and of course any travels you want to make in this beautiful country!)

Other details: We will pay for your Special Pass with the Department of Immigrations. Leave days and public holidays as per Kenyan law.

To apply, please fill in the below form. Prepare as follows:

  • Please record a video (max 4 minutes total, camera-facing), covering the following two aspects. Upload it into any video sharing platform (as unlisted/private) and share the link in your application form.
  • Video question 1) After going through our blog, website, candidate guide and social media, why would it matter for your longterm career aspirations to work with us? What would you find hard to adjust to? What do you think you'd love about us?
  • Video question 2) Can you tell us about a time when you created something new (or improved something that already existed)? How did you go about iterating it, and making sure that it truly works and creates value for the potential user?
  • You will be asked to upload your CV or resume (your choice!) into the form. Please make sure it's in PDF format and less than 3 pages. Make sure it brings out your relevant past experiences, your skills and past results.
  • Please take the MBTI test under Take a screenshot of your results and upload the image file into the form
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