Country Director

Kampala, Full time

About Cycle Connect

Cycle Connect is focused on moving farmers in East Africa out of extreme poverty. We believe that distance should not be a barrier to opportunity and that is why we work on serving last mile farmers.

Millions of farmers are financially excluded and yet need access to assets on credit. This is where Cycle Connect delivers, as we specialize in offering productive assets on financing plans, reaching the most last mile customers, and offering low barrier loan terms built for farmers, enabling them to increase their income and in turn propel their communities forward.

We began our full-time operations in 2014 and early-on pivoted to a business approach and recently rebranded to further strengthen our commitment to a blended enterprise and impact model. We have a growing number of assets in our portfolio, including oxen and plow, bicycles, motorcycles, grinding machines, and a rich pipeline for even more. To date, we have worked with close to 5,000 farmers across two different branches and backed up by 30 team members (and growing!)

Over the next three years, we will serve 20,000 farmers, set up 1-2 new branches, and expand into a new region - all by the end of 2021. Ultimately we are relentlessly focused on reaching one million customers by 2033 and penetrating throughout East Africa.

Find out more about us through our website: Cycle Connect

About the role

As Cycle Connect is growing and evolving, the CEO and founder will focus her efforts more externally in the next years, spending more time overseas. We are looking to hire a Country Director to lead the implementation of our operations and champion our growth in Uganda over the next years.

We are looking for a strong leader, motivator and culture shaper to take our aspirations and plans, putting them in motion. You will lead the execution, keep us on track and push us forward. You will evolve our culture as needed, building the team and individuals, keeping everyone motivated and focused.  As you sharpen our business model in a largely unexplored market, you will need to spearhead an agile experimentation mindset as we implement strategic initiatives, while working with the senior leadership team to build a smooth consistent execution machine.

Success will mean that our different departments and branches will perform strongly: Where there is strong sales growth as well as a healthy credit portfolio, where our clients repay their loans and effectively improve their living standards. We will trust you to build a highly engaged team and a cohesive culture as we grow across Uganda (and later East Africa), and prove that the business model is viable.

Download the full Job Description here as a PDF file: Country Director JD


How to apply:

  1. Prepare your CV and tailor it to this opportunity, showcasing your relevant past roles and results clearly. You will be asked to upload your CV in PDF format while filling the form. Please make sure it's no longer than 3 pages!
  2. Prepare your video for the video question, imagining the following scenario: You are now the Country Director at Cycle Connect, congratulations! You are hiring for a senior managerial role which will be crucial for the growth of Cycle Connect. You identified a perfect candidate and have made an offer. The candidate has asked for one last conversation with you before making their final decision. Imagining yourself taking this phone conversation, record a video of yourself sharing three key points that really excite you about Cycle Connect. (Max length 3 minutes, upload on any video sharing platform as 'public'  or 'unlisted'(on youtube) and share the link in the application form below)
  3. Fill out all the application questions outlined in the form (below).
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