Junior and Senior Recruitment Associates

Nairobi, Full time

About edge

At edge we are passionate about organizations that will create the future of East Africa, be it growth-oriented businesses with innovative products or services or grassroots organizations serving their communities in transformative ways.

We are committed to supporting these organizations in achieving their ambitious goals by helping them build highly-effective teams and being attractive, vibrant workplaces. Our path to becoming the trusted partner for founders, managers and employees around talent and team related questions is quickly taking shape!

In East Africa since 2014 we have grown beyond Nairobi quickly, and have worked with entrepreneurs from Eastern Congo to Northern Tanzania enabling them build their capacity in HR strategy, talent recruitment. performance management and organization culture.

In Kenya we work with clients from Migori to Lodwar to South Coast thinking through what teams and organization culture will help them achieve their objectives and strategies.

We have worked in-depth with 60+ start-ups, social businesses and grassroots organizations across East Africa since 2014 and in the process successfully recruited and onboarded talent for over 90 hard-to-fill positions.

All details: www.edgeperformance.co.ke

About the role

Download the JD as a PDF file under this link.

We are looking for passionate recruiters to join our team to lead and support delivery of our RightHire services to our clients. You will lead multiple client projects every quarter, from the first meetings where we understand the business model, the organizational culture and the job to hire for, through implementation (sourcing and screening) all the way to supporting successful onboarding and final probation review with the hiring manager and their new employee.

By having you on board, we want to ensure that ambitious and exciting but potential not well-known organizations attract the best talent and accelerate the roll-out of innovative onboarding practices in Kenya and East Africa. This role is ideal for you if you love the culture and dynamics of small and growing organizations and if you want your creative spirit and people skills to matter!

While all Associates will lead their own projects, Senior Recruitment Associates are involved in executive searches, while also leading others on projects.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Understand the client's realities in-depth: Their business or impact model, their growth goals, their current team and structure, and team related needs and pains.
  • Understand the big picture and the nitty gritties of the position to hire for, clearly map out the responsibilities of the role, and derive the required talent profile and criteria.
  • Conduct market research about the role and salary budget and advise the sales team on the feasibility and timelines of the hiring project.
  • Design and lead the implementation of different recruitment tools and approaches to attract great candidates to the position. 
  • Actively build pipeline of candidates through creative and smart headhunting approaches:
    • tapping professional networks to solicit referrals
    • pitching roles via phone and in writing to potential candidates
    • Using social media, esp. LinkedIn to reach out to relevant professionals.
  • Design and use assessment and screening methods to filter candidates until we have a relevant shortlist of final candidates.
    • Assess video and written applications and CVs.
    • Conduct phone, video and in-person interviews, deeply understanding a candidate's professional strengths.
  • Work collaboratively with the edge team at all times.
  • Knowledge management: project reports, applicant tracking system, documentation
  • Ensure edge is learning: Research market trends, proactively gather learnings, collect client feedback, share insights to continue innovating how we deliver our services and participate in edge strategic meetings.
  • Support edge's growth: external representation at events, identifying opportunities for cross-selling, taking care of the wellbeing of the team

Who we are looking for:

  • You are excited about connecting people with the bigger picture of their organizations, you believe that workplaces should be both effective and healthy, and you want to grow your career in the human capital space.
  • You are intellectually curious, question things, are okay with being proven wrong, and love using your brain to analyze and strategize around difficult questions.
  • You are a fast and self-driven learner.
  • You are proud of your ability to overcome obstacles fast and to put in the hard work to get to your end goal.
  • You express yourself well in writing and via phone.
  • You have 2+ years of experience in either:  (for Senior Associates: 4+ years)
    • a client or project oriented environment where you have gained skills that are transferable to this role, or
    • talent recruitment, headhunting, creating and implementing HR processes and policies
  • You have a track record of executing tasks in a timely manner and are good at meeting deadlines.
  • You have a great eye for detail, making documents look fantastic with excellent knowledge of English, grammar and style
  • You are happy to organize your work independently; you are resourceful and can create lots of value with small budgets and little time
  • You are able to add value in fast-changing environments where things are uncertain and you have to figure things out.
  • You easily navigate google documents and spreadsheets.

Why join edge?

  • Because we’re transforming the world of workin Kenya and globally.
  • We work closely and deeply with exciting organizations and passionate leaders across East Africa.
  • Experience the start-up world and leave your mark in a young ambitious organization
  • Work in an international team with a high commitment to teamwork and learning
  •  You will work directly with the founders and be included in exciting strategy and product design conversations with the whole team.
  • Join flexible and passionate people that value your talents!


You will work from our Kilimani office. Home office option available, as long as you're able to collaborate and achieve results virtually. edge is a young company, be prepared to deliver with limited resources.

Thinking of applying?

  • Take your time to go through our website and read more about our services, and what it's like to work with us. Check out our candidate guide as well. http://edgeperformance.co.ke/join-us/
  • Submit your application by filling the survey below
  • Record a simple video (not more than 6 minutes in total) of yourself answering the following questions. Upload it on YouTube (for privacy: tick "unlisted") and share the link on the application form.
    • We would like to learn more about your past recruitment experience. Please share with us your 2 key strengths in recruitment and how they will help you succeed in this role. In addition, highlight how this role will be a stepping stone to your personal and professional goals. (max 4 mins)
    • Our team recently shared how it is to work at edge in this blog http://bit.ly/edgelife What traits would you need to change for you to adapt and thrive in such a set up? What strengths do you have that will ensure you can thrive in this work environment? (max 2 minutes)
  • Tailor your CV to this role and upload it (max 2-3 pages!) in PDF format as part of the form as well
  • Apply AS SOON as you see this. Selection will take place on a rolling basis
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