Infor M3 Business Analyst

Cayman Islands, Full time

Position: M3 Business Analyst
Department: IT
Reports to: IT Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director  __________________________________________________________________________________________
M3 Business Analyst will be responsible for organization-wide M3 Cloudsuite Distribution Enterprise (CSDE) computer systems. You will be responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and trainings of our company’s M3 CSDE computer system.
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Coordinate new technology roll outs and upgrades, technology installations, upgrades, and maintenance of M3 CSDE
  2. Responsible for administering and maintaining Infor M3 CSDE of business applications.
  3. Provide End User Support for all M3 users internal and external
  4. Responsible for designing M3 CSDE end user training programs for staff and provide trainings when needed
  5. Perform any job related as assigned by Management.
Seeking a highly motivated and experienced M3 Business Analyst who will be responsible for organization-wide network computer systems. The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and trainings of our company’s M3 CSDE computer system. This is a Monday through Friday job; however, it also requires the flexibility to work on the weekends and holidays when needed and to be “on call” should there be any network failures day or night as company s a 24 hour operation; must be punctual, honest, reliable and hardworking. Strong work ethic and a positive attitude will be required. Must speak, read, write, and comprehend English fluently.
Salary range is CI$50,000.00-$70,000.00 (US$59,523.81–US$83,333.33)per annum commensurate with experience. An attractive compensation and benefits package (including medical insurance, vacation and pension) is being offered to the qualified candidate. All applications received will be reviewed and only qualified candidates will be contacted for interview.
Core Technical Competencies Required
  • Minimum of 5 years progressive experience in Infor M3 CSDE and other Infor suite of business applications
  • Must have experience with multiple e-commerce businesses with strong grasp of e-commerce best practices
  • Must have experience managing IT infrastructure and services
  • Must have excellent administrative and communication skills
  • Must be available to work flexible working hours
Application Requirements
  • A current police record must be submitted.
  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, software engineer, or related field is a plus 
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