E2M Premium Services

Teammates are responsible for making a difference for our VIP customers. This team will be 100% dedicated to ensuring we retain our top customers, and grow their business on eBay. They will be expected to be able to make decisions on a variety of topics that our sellers face, and do so quickly. Teammates will need to have a strong sense of ownership of the customer, and the experience we provide. Topics they will be responsible for understanding and solving could be in Sell, Buy, E2M and M2M. There must be a passion for doing what’s right for our customers, and a determination to follow through to ensure a positive experience on eBay.
 Problem Solving: Aptitude to understand the customer issue through key questioning to get to the root of the issue quickly. Understanding of the data needed to quickly review and identify the issue. Drive for customer resolution and clarity.
 Business Acumen: Understanding the basics of how an e-commerce business operates, and what is important to our sellers.
 Multi-Channel Environment: Ability to multitask in Omni-channel, structures, and environments during customer interactions. There will be a need to be able to work several different channels at any given time.
 Negotiation and Influence: At times the teammate will be required to advocate on behalf of eBay and/or the customer.
 Flexible and adaptable: This teammate will need to be agile and strong, with flexible standards and an ability to remain balanced despite the conflicting demands of multiple situations.
 Professional Communication: High degree of professional presence in both written and spoken communication.
 Basic Qualifications:
 o Operate in a fast-paced, multi-channel environment, including inbound and outbound phone calls, email and chat.
 o Engage in positive customer interactions creating experiences which drive loyalty and engagement by reducing customer effort. Examples include: demonstrating empowerment to resolve customer issues, showing genuine interest in customers, and when appropriate de-escalate negative, highly emotional interactions.
 o Evaluate a member’s account and situation to provide accurate information to their specific problem or concern. Establish a trusting relationship between eBay and the customer while maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy. Be empathetic to customer concerns and display a sincere desire to serve with ownership through to resolution.
 o Research and deliver consultation discussions to diagnose business health and customer pain points to deliver timely and operative solutions for reducing customer pain and preventing business deterioration on our site.
 O Demonstrate effective business strategies and development, analytics to provide proactive solutions aimed at growth on eBay. Business development, analytics may include: sales, marketing, pricing, supply chain, shipping, risk and credit strategies.
 o Transaction specific responsibilities include, but not limited to: appeals concerning suspensions, account level restrictions and/or limitations, unpaid items, seller performance, identity verification, feedback, business development and general customer service questions.
 o Have a working knowledge of the site, and be an active user as a buyer/seller, or both preferred 

  • Ryan Williams will personally read your application.
  • If there is a mutual interest, we will reach out to tell you all about the hiring company and answer your questions so you can determine if this is a position you’d like to pursue.
  • To follow up on your status, please wait at least 48 business hours, and then email, rwilliams8@ebay.com.
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