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Learning & DevelopmentAuthentication talent and the continual evolution of expertise is at the heart of our program
 Coordinate all L&D across all (in-house) categories globally
 Build out training guides and other learning materials via Talent portal 
 Set up authentication ranking structure (Tiers)
 Review all material and makes sure there is consistency globally (continual)
 Roll out training plans and talent reviews (continual)
 Create authenticator score card and set up KPIs
 Provide monthly management talent reviews
 Manager training
 With so many new and junior colleagues in roles that require them to manage and lead teams it is essential that we give them the tools to be successful
 Build out “manager training program” in partnership with People Team
 Build out “ways of working” in partnership with People Team
 Build out “career pathing” in partnership with People Team
 As we learn our way into the world of authentication operations it is essential that we understand and respect the culture we are building and how it maps to ebay corp
 Understand the pulse of the team, the unique culture and category differences
 Create Authentication Engagement Survey so that we can better understand how the team is doing and allow us to drive the right type of change and development - in partnership with People Team
 Build and develop this culture
 Understand what eBay corp needs and how to communicate clearly
 Be the liaison between eBay corp and the authentication teams to make sure that messages are being delivered in the right way and are reaching all team mates
 Make sure all messaging is relevant and cuts through e.g. any policy changes or security changes
 Closely connect with Ops Mgrs in each region to roll out culture initiatives, events etc
 Work with each region to ensure we maximize employee retention 
 Talent identification and onboarding support
 We are only as good as the team we build, therefore it is essential that we keep both a healthy funnel and we make sure new starters are set up for success
 Write Job descriptions for new positions
 Network new roles and identify talent internally and externally
 Work with each region to review their talent gaps/needs 
 Partner with eBay Recruitment team to bring in identified talent
 Nurture talent across all categories in all regions 
 Build out Auth Ops onboarding plan - in partnership with People Team
 Ensure the onboarding plan is cascaded down and implemented across all regions 

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