Data Science - Analyst 3

This role entails an opportunity to understand search core-ranking algorithms, search experimentation and most importantly, drive innovation in search metrics that are foundational to informing the Search roadmap. The candidate will have ample exposure to product analytics/data science senior leadership through weekly insights forum and to search engineering/product leadership through bi-weekly search insights forums. The candidate is be expected to partner closely with the search product development team and mine insights to influence the search roadmap. Search is a vast domain that involves ad hoc projects ranging from listing optimization to shipping. The candidate will get to witness close collaboration between search and other product domains and will be expected to get data science methodologies peer reviewed by specialists within the product data science group (not limited to search).
 Perform statistical modelling with R/Python programming for language data manipulation, missing value treatment, outlier detection, anomaly detection, data mining, data modeling and validation.
 Utilize extensive knowledge in algorithms to analyze Sojourner (user related) data to test search portfolio related modifications for making business decisions on product launch.
 Utilize statistical data tools including Big Data, Tableau, Teradata, Hive, and Hadoop to analyze data and build dashboards.
 Setup, conduct, analyze, and deep dive into A/B tests and provide recommendations on improving the search features.
 Develop metrics to analyze feature performance during testing phase, monitoring and mitigating errors, and taking the final decision regarding the launch of the feature to the entire population.
 Perform statistical analysis and modelling of customer’s behavioral data to identify opportunities to build new search features solving for key pain-points in search user journey, identify new growth opportunities and provide actionable recommendations by leveraging insights across behavioral data, customer research and data science.
 Work with finance colleagues to incorporate analytics insights and approaches into finance processes (forecasting, planning, media-mix), and the experimentation platform team to design and execute A/B test to measure impact of launches/changes.
 Our ultimate customers are eBay buyers and sellers, and we partner closely with internal stakeholders in the Product and Global Growth organizations to improve decision-making and to deliver value for eBay customers. In totality-
 We leverage our analytical skills combined with a deep understanding of eBay’s business, customers, and data to deliver unique insights and opportunities to better serve our customers. 
 We partner with the business and product teams to support evidence-based decision-making and execution at each stage in the business decision lifecycle related to how we invest our resources through ad hoc analysis, reporting, developing algorithms and data-driven tools.
 We facilitate inspection of the business to ensure quality of execution and implementation to optimize business performance and resolve customer-facing issues with speed. 

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