GCX Senior Social Media Teammate

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 Job Summary
 Social Media Insights Teammates provide timely and effective support to customers contacting eBay, and eBay executives, using social media channels and other public forums. Teammates handle inquiries for all lines of business including Sell, Buy, eMBG, and Risk, with a primary focus on Premium Services Sellers. They are defenders of the brand, using good judgment to make decisions that protect eBay’s reputation while building brand affinity within an online community. They are customer-centric, finding solutions that provide a balance between our customers, our company, and our brand. Teammates are succinct in their communication incorporating high accuracy, and positive positioning to improve customer experiences. They engage with all levels of employees, and customers, in partnership with the PR and Marketing teams, so that public responses match brand positioning and tone.

 Job Responsibilities
 Monitor Social Media channels responding to customer service issues through all Social Media channels in a high-risk public environment.
 Communicate and partner with various GCX, PD, BU, and Marketing teams to ensure issues occurring in the business are communicated providing an improved customer experience. This includes collecting data, and content preparation for high-level leaders based on trending customer sentiment.
 Handle executive-level social media contacts, and high-profile Public Relation and Marketing requests
 Analyze company perception across Social Media platforms, following protocol in surfacing issues to leadership as well as other departments as needed.
 Monitor trends and collect data; define set of relevant keywords and keyword combinations to be used for analysis.
 Partner with internal and external collaborators and readout regularly to LOB owners on progress
 Resolve member concerns, including executive issues occurring on social media, taking appropriate action
 Be a customer advocate, waking up thinking about how you are going to satisfy our customers while supporting our business strategy.
 Offer a single point of contact support including eMBG, technical issues, billing, GSP inquiries, standards and policy-related questions
 Ensure work is being completed within the service level and actively working towards improvement
 Work to ensure a positive, consistent, and seamless customer experience
 Partner with business units, seller communications, legal, PR, marketing and product teams to support their missions ensuring consistency and voice and cultivating a strong community around our social platforms
 Analyze company perception across Social Media platforms, and follow protocol in raising issues to leadership and/or other departments
 Document Insights and coaching for improvements – Analyze and compile reports to be shared with all levels of the company
 Troubleshoot any customer problems related to the eBay platform, offering solutions and recommendations
 Identify problems or errors and raise them correctly
 Demonstrate communication effectiveness
 Maintain high-performance metrics with a focus on the member experience-CSAT
 Job Requirements
 A person with 1+ years of extensive personal or professional experience in social media required.
 A social media user with a proficient understanding of the social media eco-system including but not limited to Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, and Blogs; using our brand’s voice in customer conversations
 Able to research and investigate information quickly, view information from alternative perspectives and categorize information that may not easily be interpreted at a glance. Proficiency in Excel, Social Media Analytics and JIRA is a bonus.
 Comfortable working directly with management and leaders in and outside GCX building strong relationships with co-workers.
 A specialist in your current role looked to as a trusted resource by your peers
 Experienced – you’ve been successful in multiple roles at eBay, are comfortable handling contacts across all lines of business and you buy and/or sell on eBay
 An excellent verbal and written communicator; an active listener
 Professional in your engagement with customers and executives
 Self-starter, motivated, focused and proactive in your attitude
 Great at solving problems and flexible in your approach
 Experienced in looking after passionate customers
 Flexible, independent and have a great team spirit
 Able to work in a fast-paced environment while being organized and using your time efficiently
 Innovative -in order to improve our service by creation and implementation of pilots focused on driving improvements
 Hold an understanding of CMS tools and skills, with an ability to provide strategic feedback to improve efficiency
 Benefits are an essential part of your total compensation for the work you do every day. Whether you’re single, in a growing family, or nearing retirement, eBay offers a variety of comprehensive and competitive benefit programs to meet your needs. Including maternal & paternal leave, paid sabbatical, and plans to help ensure your financial security today and in the years ahead because we know feeling financially secure during your working years and through retirement is important.
 Here at eBay, we love creating opportunities for others by connecting people from widely diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies. So, being diverse and inclusive isn’t just something we strive for, it is who we are, and part of what we do each and every single day. We want to ensure that as an employee, you feel eBay is a place where, no matter who you are, you feel safe, included, and that you have the opportunity to bring your unique self to work. To learn about eBay’s Diversity & Inclusion click here: https://www.ebayinc.com/company/diversity-inclusion/ 

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