Smart Contract Engineer Remote (DeFi)

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We are looking for an exceptional Remote Smart Contract Engineer for one of our clients.
Our client is building an app that is the best place to save and spend your dollars. They combine high-yield savings with rewarded spending in a single, compounding balance that's easy to manage. Soon the app will let you pay your bills and put your financial life on autopilot. And through all of this — unlike every other fintech company — they don't skim from you.

As a Smart Contract Engineer you will:

  • Be integral to implementing novel economic systems built on top of Ethereum.
  • Work regularly with security auditors and external contributors to document and upgrade code.
  • Support and maintain an active test economy, as well as integrations with partner protocols.
  • Act as a primary contributor to the tech community, evaluating and implementing upgrade proposals.
  • Ensure smart contracts track state of the art by evaluating new DeFi protocols, EIPs, Layer 1 and Layer 2 mechanisms, etc.

We’re looking for you if:

  • You’re drawn to the hardest problems with the greatest potential impact.
  • You combine strong CS/Software Engineering fundamentals with a strong background in math and security.
  • You have knowledge of cryptography fundamentals and independent interest in economics.
  • You fail fast, prioritize tests, and you’re comfortable up and down the software stack.
100% remote role for any location USA or Europe.
If you think you fit the description please apply.
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