Co-Executive Director, Fundraising & Development

Milwaukee, Full time

Wisconsin Voices is seeking a full-time Executive Director of Fundraising & Development. You will lead our efforts around fundraising, development, marketing and communications.  You also get to partner with the Executive Director of Organizational Effectiveness to jointly create the impacts we seek to make.

The successful candidate will be an accomplished leader who has successfully built and supported high-performing teams in our field, has a high bar for performance, a demonstrated commitment to gender and racial equity, an overall diversity, equity and inclusion framework, and is an outstanding development, fundraising and marketing leader.


Wisconsin Voices is a fast-paced, nonprofit organization with a mission to unify a dynamic network of progressive nonprofits in Wisconsin around achieving shared goals to build a better democracy. We build our partners’ capacity, amplify their impact, nurture new leadership, promote racial equity, champion transparent policies, and foster civic engagement so that everyone has an equal voice. Wisconsin Voices serves as a liaison with national organizations in democracy and civic engagement. We also work closely with policymakers, advocates, and activists around the state to promote the Census, voter registration, voter turnout, and building organizational capacity.



  • Partner with your Co-Executive Director to create, vision, strategize, execute and lead a team culture of positivity, equity, inclusion and justice by creating processes and standards for budgeting, policy analysis, community organizing, hiring, onboarding, team performance, leadership development and organizational culture.
  • Create equity-focused relationships with people of all backgrounds and levels.
  • Lead inclusively and be definitive with your decision-making while taking into account the needs, ideas and suggestions of the staff.
  • Together with the Co-Executive Director, recruit new Board members as needed.
  • Partner with Co-Executive Director and Board to create organizational focus toward goal achievement and strategy, while also managing multiple priorities in a fast-paced and organized environment.
  • Create a collaborative, effective and high-performing relationship with your partner Executive Director, Organizational Effectiveness.
  • Secure and mobilize funding to support our mission and the work of our partners.
  • Closely collaborate with our partners’ leadership and development staff to identify sources of collaborative funding and develop memorandums of understanding on how Wisconsin Voices and each partner will operate for mutual benefit.
  • Increase public awareness and buy-in by co-leading, developing, planning and executing strategic marketing initiatives, including supervising the development of marketing assets and collateral.
  • Identify, establish and continuously improve shared measurement systems that evaluate progress for Wisconsin Voices and its partners’ organizations. Then, use those metrics to replicate success and learn lessons from failures.
  • Collaborate with your Co-Executive Director on the partner regranting process.
  • Co-Lead Wisconsin Voices’ financial management and oversight systems - including accounting, reporting, auditing, revenue and expense management.
  • Foster inclusive and effective dialogue between our partners by negotiating and mediating differences and challenges between them to reduce conflict and barriers while increasing their capacity and effectiveness.
  • Share and show our work with key stakeholders. Create and issue detailed monthly and quarterly reports showing department activity, progress, challenges faced, learnings, and wins we’ve made as an organization.
  • Operate on a national level by networking, planning, coordinating and sharing best practices, effective strategies and tools employed by other states or regions and partner with Co-Executive Director to implement where most effective.
  • Support our partners and bring them together with purpose - you will help your Co-Director plan, facilitate and provide resources for regular meetings, plus create accountabilities and follow-up measures to ensure plans and actions are executed.
  • Expand our coalition and recruit new partners that represent the New American Majority (such as people of color, young people, women, transient and limited income communities, and LGBTQIA+ communities).
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders (Board, partners, staff, your Co-Executive Director, vendors, and/or even the community) to identify and implement strategic training and leadership development activities that fill skill gaps and build new knowledge and capacity.
  • In coordination with Co-Director, implement, support and continuously improve execution of statewide and regional plans and initiatives, such as expanding voter rights access, year-round civic engagement, and transparent and accountability-focused redistricting.
  • Act as our chief liaison to primary funding partners and national networks. And in coordination with our partners, regularly report on our progress to local and national funders.


We’re seeking candidates who excel in developing an organizational culture that embeds equity in all practices; who have demonstrated expertise in having difficult conversations and managing conflict to build teams; and have a demonstrated experience in nonprofit fundraising and development, marketing and external communications.

Are you:

  • Committed to equity informed by theory and practice and rooted in the fight for justice?
  • Accountable and able to hold others accountable with love - and even when it’s tough?
  • Able to demonstrate a portfolio of fundraising and nonprofit development accomplishments? We want to see your work!
  • Looking to show off your successes developing external communication and marketing strategies from your previous work with social justice oriented causes?
  • Experienced doing the work we do at the state, regional or national level? This role requires you to work across the board.
  • A verbal and written communicator who has mastered this craft?
  • A people leader?
  • A partner and a collaborator? Leadership is shared here. 
  • Looking to step into the unknown, embrace fear and make meaningful change?
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