#116 - Senior Machine Learning Engineer -- Deep Learning -- Up to $180,000 -- Seeking Military Veteran

Princeton, NJ, Full time


We are a diverse, ambitious team of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries revolutionizing how the next generation AI systems are built. We are deeply passionate about the future of AI, our work, and how we can make our customers and ourselves successful. We value mentorship, personal and professional growth. Our leadership consists of seasoned professionals who welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with a motivated team willing to learn, collaborate, and think big. 

What we do

We enable creation of more robust, efficient, and agile edge applications that improve user adoption and mission impact.  Our current product mission is simplifying and accelerating traditional AI workflows from model training and optimization to deployment and support. Our flagship product, is a unified SDK built for machine learning engineers and AI software developers. Our solutions are being used in more places than ever before including manufacturing automation, predictive maintenance, process control, consumer electronics, and defense and aerospace applications. And we are just getting started.


Who we're looking for

We are looking for engineers with a passion for using machine learning to create intelligent applications for the edge. Working alongside highly accomplished, deeply technical and close-knit team of machine learning engineers, you will build infrastructures, tools, and AI/ML applications that are efficient.


How we decide

We are a true team focused on the same mission. Our interviews are designed to be collaborative, where you learn as much about us as we learn about you. We believe that cultural fit is as important to our success as the technical one. The winning candidate will also have a combination of work experience and expertise similar to the requirements listed below: 

Key Qualifications

  • Strong software development skills, with proficiency in relevant languages and AI/ML frameworks (eg. Python, TF/Keras, PyTorch).
  • Technical skills and experience in distributed systems and web services (eg. AWS, GCP, Azure) in a production setting.
  • Highly motivated, strong communicator, with experience driving projects from inception to production.
  • Strong background in AI/ML model optimization (eg. quantization, pruning, NAS).
  • Solid domain known (e.g. computer vision, audio, speech, NLP).
  • Computer science, electrical engineering degree or related experience desirable
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Location: Princeton, NJ (no remote)


  • Our Senior TA Manager, Kiko San Pedro — not an automated computer program—  will personally read your application.  
  • If there is a mutual interest, we will reach out to tell you all about the hiring company and answer your questions so you can determine if this is a position you’d like to pursue.  
  • To follow up on your status, please wait at least 48 business hours and then email, Kiko@7Eagle.com.  
  •  Even though we focus on Veterans, transitioning Service Members, and Military  Spouses, this position is open to everyone.
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