Frontend Engineer (Remote)

Remote, Full time

Frontend Engineer (Remote)

Remote, Full Time 

YunoJuno is looking for a Frontend Engineer



YunoJuno is revolutionizing the future of work.
What started out as a curated marketplace for the creative industries has grown into the leading platform for the UK's elite freelance creative network. Their platform supports the entire engagement lifecycle, from finding the perfect freelancer for your brief, through transparent and direct communication (no intermediary), to contract and time management, billing, and analytics.

The future of work belongs to both freelancer and hirer. These two sides aren't mutually exclusive but co-exist in driving the changing face of employment. Freelancers are fast becoming the single most valuable workforce in the labour market and this is no more evident than in the creative and tech sector. YunoJuno is unlocking every aspect of this revolution so that the concept of "choosing freelance" is no longer a leap into the unknown but the most strategic and commercial decision you can make.


About the role

Yuno/Juno is looking for a delivery-focused React Javascript engineer that would enjoy incrementally improving a product that over the years has helped freelancers & clients deliver hundreds of thousands of successful projects together.

Their product team is small but growing and you'd be working alongside a team that put collaboration, the product & transparency first. They run a blameless environment where mistakes are treated as learning opportunities and one where developers own their code all the way through to production.

They were in remote-only mode due to Coronavirus, but there is an office available for those who wish for a more flexible setup. The team has always been remote-first and they work asynchronously where they can. They are still open to remote-only developers, provided you are in a UK-friendly timezone (+/-2hrs).

You know how to develop modern full-stack web applications, and understand the trade-offs around various architectures. You’ll use your knowledge to understand their business priorities and participate in feature design from the outset.


They are looking for individuals who are willing to:

  • Planning code (and no code!) solutions to aid in their long term goals of becoming the best freelancer marketplace globally. All product work is on the platform itself, and not the marketing site.
  • Owning the development process of specific features all the way through from the design stage, to evaluating its actual use in production using their backend & infra which is in Python3.9 & latest Django.
  • Working on code individually or via pairing, if pairing then reviews will go through faster but they are not strict and favour personal preference.
  • Creating & contributing to our many (~20) open source projects which they dog-food as part of their own platform.
  • Ensuring they keep their DORA metrics amongst the best in the industry so that they keep their time-to-ship low, and developer happiness high.
  • Working in a CI-backed environment, in small teams, at a sustainable pace, in three-week cycles. they use Linear internally and follow their opinionated development process.
  • Frequently self-reflecting as a team as to how they are doing in some very honest retrospectives


  • Have experience working on front-end heavy applications, in particular React ones. Experience or a strong desire to work with SaaS products would be a bonus.
  • Have experience working with remote distributed teams, and the async communication and working patterns that come with that.have a good oral & written handling of English, to help with the above.
  • Believe that code reviews should be a learning process for everyone involved.
  • Believe testing and code quality are important.
  • Have a deep understanding of how the web and browsers work.
  • Are happier shipping features than debating tabs vs spaces, (they use black & prettier throughout!)
  • Prefer to move quickly and iteratively, and believe that shipping incrementally and fast is best.
  • Are comfortable with Git, GitHub and CI workflows.
  • Like to start new things as much as you like to replace old ones, and continuously learn from both your and the team’s mistakes.
Would be a plus:
  • Have ever been a contractor/freelancer, and thus have a true understanding of the problems they are trying to solve for their users. They are very open to contractors looking to move full time.
  • Have worked with large React codebases.
  • Have experience with PropTypes; our React code is fully type-enforced via airbnb’s forbidExtraProps. TypeScript would be a bonus
  • Understand and know how to work with both RESTful & GraphQL APIs (they are migrating to the latter).
  • Have experience with GitHub Actions specifically.
  • Have worked with Heroku and/or Docker, their current deployment mechanics.
  • Have a good understanding of security (XSS in particular) when it comes to web apps.

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