Data Analyst

Bengaluru, Full time

What you will do:

  • Uses knowledge of business objectives, strategies, and needs to identify opportunities where data can be leveraged to achieve the desired business benefits.
  • Has an understanding of current data context, processes and availability, and how current data processes and existing data can be leveraged to achieve the desired benefits.
  • Prepares and analyzes data.  This can include: locating, profiling, cleansing, extracting, mapping, importing, transforming, validating or modeling.
  • Applies query, data exploration and transformation, basic statistical methods and visualization techniques to create business insights or improve data quality.
  • Performs validation and testing to confirm the accuracy of the information created.
  • Interprets results of analysis, identifies trends and issues, and develops recommendations to support business objectives.
  • Communicates complex information so that it is easy to understand and influences others to take action based on the useful information provided.
  • Implements and maintains decision support or master data management solutions.
  • Bringing data to life and making it actionable and relevant to stakeholders through exploratory analysis of internal and external data sources using advanced and innovative analytical techniques, algorithms, and tools


What You Should Have:

  • Bachelor's Degree in related field, or equivalent work experience
  • Strong MS Office skills especially Excel
  • 4+ years experience in related field preferred
  • Hands on analytical tool skills preferred
  • Excellent English spoken, comprehension and written skills
  • Strong SQL skills with experience in writing complex but optimized queries
  • Visualization skills with BI platforms like Tableau/PowerBI/Looker/Redash
  • Basic python skills with experience in pandas and numpy

Good to Have:

  • Digital Fluency – exposure to AI/ML/NLP preferred
  • Experience in any product analytics tools like Amplitude/Mixpanel/Heap Analytics/Google Analytics
  • ETL scripting using python/aws glue/SQL
  • Experience in data warehousing using Redshift/Big Query/Azure SQL DW
  • Basic knowledge of data science with Scikitlearn and some statistical methods
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