Senior Security Engineer

Bengaluru, Full time

What You Will Do

  • Design, build, and deploy solutions to automate security operations and incident response..
  • Institutionalise security best practices in software development across teams.
  • Build detection and monitoring for attacks on the application and infrastructure
  • Write new security software tools/frameworks/scanners.
  • Perform vulnerability and risk assessments.
  • Reduce assessment time by maintaining specifications and tooling. Improve the scope of our assessments by adding new techniques and new categories of vulnerability assessments.
  • Analyse Proof-of-Concept exploits to detect threats and identify security weaknesses;.
  • Ensure compliance to security standards and recommend security implementations;


What You Should Have

  • 5+ years of demonstrated experience in areas such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, embedded device security, application security, systems security, and/or network security.
  • Understanding of threat modelling, security vulnerabilities, attacker exploit techniques, and methods for their remediation.
  • Understanding of best practices in security engineering, including secure development, cryptography, network security, security operations, systems security, policy, and/or incident response.
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