Lead DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru, Full time

What You Will Do

  • Takeover the ownership of our existing infrastructure (in AWS) following the Infrastructure as code philosophy. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to lead the infrastructure efforts for a company with enormous growth and scaling needs.
  • Work closely with the Engineering team in building out the infrastructure required to deploy, monitor, and scale the services and systems.
  • Build tools, integrations and services to help the engineering team, and automate everything.
  • Make our existing data stores more scalable and reliable.
  • Implement new clusters as we scale up and are in need of them. 
  • Develop and manage CI/CD initiatives within the engineering organization.
  • Advice on and implement industry-standard security best practices 


What You Should Have

  • 6+ years of experience handling production deployments and monitoring high-performance applications
  • Familiarity with AWS stack, Kubernetes (EKS), ElasticContainerService (ECS) Docker,, Jenkins,, Github and similar tools.
  • Have dealt with scale problems at previous employers.
  • Hands on experience in debugging production issues
  • Familiarity with coding in Python and shell scripting
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