Marketing Manager, SEO & Content ($60-$90k)

Miami, Full time

ClutchPrep is looking for an experienced SEO/Content Marketing professional to join our Growth Team. As our SEO & Content Marketing lead, you will have a significant impact in accelerating our mission to provide the best supplemental learning experience in the world.


  • We believe that (1) learning doesn’t have to be as hard as it still is; and (2) because we are able to help, it is our mission to do so
  • We help students by producing high-quality supplemental content that is relevant to what they’re learning in the classroom
  • We already have hundreds of hours of concept videos and practice problems for many undergraduate science & math classes - We are on a mission to increase the QUALITY of our help (more content & features) and the QUANTITY of students we reach - We began ramping up our SEO efforts in 2017, and in 2018 our Subscribers from SEO/Content Marketing has grown 2.6x YoY


  • Own all SEO & Content Marketing strategies & efforts to grow (a) organic traffic and (b) revenue from organic traffic
  • Expected emphasis: (1) Content over Technical SEO; (2) Content Creation over Promotion; (c) Execution over Strategy
  • As our needs evolve, this role may expand into a broader Director of Acquisition role, beyond SEO/Content Marketing


1. Own STRATEGY for overall SEO: Content Creation, Content Promotion, Technical SEO
  • Work with CEO & Growth Team to set quarterly SEO priorities/targets, and periodically assess & adjust overall Growth strategy
  • Create and maintain a Content Marketing strategy to grow organic traffic and improve domain authority
  • Lead ongoing Analysis & Research to inform SEO/Content priorities: site metrics, competitive research, customer development, etc d. Maintain a comprehensive list of possible SEO/Content efforts, and operate an analytical framework to prioritize them
2. Own EXECUTION of all SEO efforts to hit quarterly targets
  • Set & manage processes for the creation of all Content assets for Acquisition (Academic & non-Academic)
  • Set & macro enforce standards/guidelines for all Content assets for Acquisition, including style/voice, on-page optimizatios, etc
  • Coordinate & support execution of Technical SEO (with CTO & Engineering) and Content Promotion (with COO & agencies/contractors) d. Source, hire, fire, and manage all agencies/contractors supporting SEO/Content
  • For every effort: Set specs & metrics, manage/execute towards goals, monitor and document progress, results, and learnings
3. Continuously monitor top SEO metrics; fix issues as detected
4. Stay up-to-date on industry updates and best practices; continuously expand overall SEO knowledge


  1. Minimum of 2 years of professional experience in SEO or Content Marketing, with a track record of business impact/growth
  2. Strong & up-to-date understanding of SEO: ranking criteria, priorities & best practices in Content Creation & Promotion, Technical SEO
  3. Significant experience with SEO analytics & research (keyword, competitive, etc); expert in GA and GSC and comfortable with other tools
  4. Experience managing the creation of content for Acquisition (to grow traffic or acquire links)
  5. Very proficient at manipulating data on Excel/Google Sheets, and in SEO tools (Bonus: SQL/DB Querying/BI Tools)


  • An ambitious, competitive, and energetic professional
  • A voracious, independent, and efficient learner & explorer
  • A highly effective executer who thrives in autonomy
  • A dependable team player, effective at leading & supporting
  • Great at prioritizing and executing towards multiple goals
  • Highly analytical and detail-oriented, but decisive with a bias for action
  • Obsessed with and effective at process, organization, documentation
  • Effective communicating ideas, progress, learnings, recommendations


  • Formulation of comprehensive Growth, Acquisition, SEO, and/or Content Marketing strategies
  • Significant experience executing/coordinating complex processes within a cross-functional team
  • Significant experience with Technical SEO, Content Promotion, Digital P.R.
  • Significant experience with Digital Acquisition beyond SEO (YouTube, ASO, etc)
  • Email Marketing; ReTargeting/ReMarketing Ads; HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Significant experience in hiring and managing agencies or contractors
  • Worked in products that are B2C, educational, aimed at 18-24 demographics, or based on premium content
BENEFITS: Competitive salary ($60-$90k) & stock options. Insurance: medical, dental, vision, life. Opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of students.

Note on Location: We prefer candidates living/willing to move to/near Miami, FL. Otherwise, experience working remotely is a must-have 

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