Who We Areā€¦

Clutch.AI was born @ Khosla Labs 2 years ago to solve problems faced by incubated startups like Novopay, and now large organizations. Artificial Intelligence used to be a black box; our 4 tools democratize the power of Machine Learning. With Clutch.AI, anyone with data can quickly see patterns in data, build predictive algorithms, and leverage previously ignored data to grow their business with our Credit Rating Engine, Background Verification Tools, Sales / Delivery Fleet Optimisation, and Zero Code Interpretable Machine Learning Workbench.

You get opportunities to build, deploy and scale Machine Learning models to serve thousand of requests per second with Clutch.AI. This is a unique time to be able to develop these skills, as the field is growing but opportunities are far and few in-between.

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Why join


Each of us are makers and builders. We design and create products, business plans, devices, posters, and even our own office space from scratch! Nobody will penalize you for creating something new and useful!


Apart from Data Science & Machine, we have informal groups that research, learn, discuss and then teach new and cutting-edge developments to the rest of the company. We have Friday evening talks where an employee or a visiting expert talks about a specific topic.


South Indian filter coffee and Sitar sessions are just the beginning. Our talents are many, so are our hobbies; and we like to show them off at our parties. What do you love doing when you're not working?