Good folks at Financesonline have awarded recruiterflow the Rising Star and Great User Experience Award for 2017.  They must be pretty smart to see this so early!





Joking aside, this is a major achievement for us. HR and recruitment software experts at financesonline have  pegged recruiterflow as one of the top software for recruitment and ATS software.

Our unique approach to applicant tracking and sourcing solutions that make it really easy for recruiters to attract and engage top talent. Recruiterflow’s ability to sync with email communication, giving all hiring team members access to such important emails caught everyone’s attention in the expert panel. But most of all, the experts have deemed the solution’s user-friendly interface as a key feature, enriching candidate experience by customizing all hiring processes. These and more have led FinancesOnline to honor us with its 2017 Rising Star and Great User Award for best HR management software.

But it doesn’t end here the prestigious B2B directory has also bestowed on the product the honor of including it on its list of best HR software. This only confirms what we knew all along, that Recruiterflow’s unique design and ease of use would truly make an impression on experts and users alike. To make matters even better, their team of experts distinguished Recruiterflow as one of the top performers in their HR management software category. Readers relying on expert advice to make the best software deals already know these awards are reserved exclusively for systems that automate core operations but don’t require deep IT knowledge; and such that are adopted and appreciated by users really fast.

They were impressed with recruiterflow’s ability to engage candidates and sourcing features. Our recently released campaigns feature has powered sourcing for customers and have outperformed traditional email campaigns by 50%! BTW, have you tried our drip campaigns for recruitment yet?



Use Recruiterflow to source candidates with super personalized drip email campaigns that convert 2.3X better.
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September 7, 2017
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recruitment drip email campaigns

At the heart of recruiterflow, it’s the philosophy that a recruiter’s job has changed. Whether you are an agency recruiter or a corporate recruiter, your ability to search for passive candidates and build relationships with them is critical to your success.

Today, we are announcing the release of two kickass features that can make you a sourcing superhero.

  1. Chrome extension: Recruiterflow chrome extension can find anyone’s email id, in most cases a personal email id. We have aggregated a huge swathe of about 900 million social profiles and mapped them to their email ids. This, as far as we know, is one of the most comprehensive data set geared towards helping recruiters find data about people. We can find almost anyone’s personal email id, work history, and skills and give you a structured format to build your talent pipelines and go after the stars that your team needs. Currently, the chrome plugin is only compatible with LinkedIn but we will soon integrate it with communities like GitHub, StackOverflow, Behance, and Dribbble next.
  2. Drip Campaigns: Nothing, yes, absolutely nothing can work as well as drip campaigns do for your email reachout conversions. In the private beta, some of our clients were able to get 50% better conversions(!) moving from blast email to drip campaigns.

Meanwhile, we have also put together a guide to drip marketing for recruiters incase you were looking for something to get started.

Use Recruiterflow to source candidates with super personalized drip email campaigns that convert 2.3X better.
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August 31, 2017
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Launching New Features

We have had a great ride since we launched in beta last month. We came  out of beta last week and have onboarded fantastic customers and partners. In a month’s time, we empower 30 organisations to super charge their hiring. 

We have seen a great uptick in the usage in last 1 month and we are really encouraged to march ahead with our mission of creating a better way to recruit and enabling recruiters to hire their next 100x candidate. We think this would be a good time  to tell you a few things about what’s new with recruiterflow. We have quashed some major bugs (think giant creepy spiders) in the product and constantly improving user experience.


Track email opens

One of the biggest problems with emails is that you just don’t know what happened after you hit the send button. You are completely in the dark while the life of email unveils itself! If the prospect has opened the email and clicked on the link, it is probably safe to assume that your email appealed to them but just not enough to push them over the ledge to reply, an email with a message to just push them to the edge is better! With recruiterflow, now you can track emails automatically! No extra effort required. We have seen most of our users using tools like mailtrack to do this, but it would be so much better if that information was there right where you are mailing most of the candidates.


Better way to create interview plan

We got feedback from users that it was confusing to setup stages and interviews and had a bit of learning curve. The new and improved design makes it super intuitive to create an interview plan and follow a structured interview process.


Email alerts for applicants

Now, all the applicants who apply via careers page will get an automated email with a message that you can decide. The feature is under testing and will be released soon.


Integration with job boards

We have integrated with Indeed and Naukri. Now you will be able to post a job through recruiterflow to both these job boards and all the applicants will come directly to the dashboard!


Live chat support

We wanted to get closer and listen to you better. We have now integrated a live chat support. All you need to is not just ping us and we will get back to you immediately.


Manage tags effectively:

We saw that tags are a bit confusing affairs for multi people teams. So we have created a dedicated tags management system that will allow you to create a master list of tags and manage tags by changing them or merging them.


What’s next!

Drip campaigns

Insanely powerful way to reach out to prospects. You should be able to run super personalised drip campaigns on candidates you source or who are already there in your candidate pool. The campaign recipient list can be dynamically updated. That means you can create a campaign and start sourcing candidates. The system will take care of the rest.

Richer data for social recruitment

We are working on something really fantastic. With our chrome plugin, you should be able to import entire candidate profile including details like “skills, education, work experience” and find anyone’s personal email id. With one more click, you should be able to add them to a drip email campaigns. If you wish, and we really encourage you to, you can persoanlise the first email outreach and let us take care of the rest.


Use Recruiterflow to source candidates with super personalized drip email campaigns that convert 2.3X better.
Get Started for Free.

Learn More about Recruiterflow

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July 26, 2017
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