Vessel Crew Officers is a manpower service provider that serves clients in various areas including in oil and gas. We are currently looking for professionals to work onboard of a vessel in the following positions for future projects and to add to our database.

  • Master
  • Chief Officer 
  • 2nd Officer
  • 2nd Officer DP
  • Chief Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

 Important notes:

  • Please upload your CV and Certificates to be considered for future job opportunities
  • Please upload Passport copy with validity of at least 6 months 
  • Nationality: any 


Job Qualifications & Requirements

  • Proved experience in the position to apply
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good reputation for integrity and ethics
  • Ability to create effective relationships and networks
  • Well stimulation Vessel experience is an advantage 
  • National Seaman Book
  • MI Seaman Book is an Advantage
  • Valid Passaport
  • International Vaccination Card
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Rating forming part of Navigation Watch STCW A-II/4 or Able seafarer deck A-II/5 Deckhand                          
  • Rating forming part of Engine Watch STCW A-II/4 or Able Seafarer Engine STCW A-III/5 (Motorman/Oiler) 
  • Survival craft  VI/2.1 (Bosun, AB deck II/5)   
  • Security Awareness STCW VI/6-1 
  • Training for Seafarer With Designated Security Duties STCW VI/6-2 
  • Welders Certificate 
  • Cook Certificate (Chief Cook)
  • Food Handling Certificate (Chief Cook/Messman)

Key Job Responsibilities

For All:

  • Carry out instructions as specified by the Master, vessel’s officers and Bosun  
  • Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks
  • Ensure that any tasks they carry out are done in a safe manne
For Master
  • Command and operate the vessel in a safe and cost efficient manner.
  • Responsible for the seaworthiness of the vessel
  • Ensure that neither the vessel nor crew facilitate unsafe practices
  • Ensure that the vessel and her crew conform to all Company, International, Flag State and Classification Society regulations
  • Ensure that there is a smooth operational relationship with all clients
  • Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks
  • Supervise officers and crew training
  • Train the Chief Officer in all aspects of ships command with special emphasis on maneuvering of vessel
  • Carry out officers and crew assessments Chair the vessel’s Safety Committee Meetings Report to the HSE Manager (or according to reporting procedure) any matters which could be detrimental to the safety of the vessel, crew or company property
  • Ensure that all paperwork pertaining to accounts, safety, operations and crew is completed satisfactorily and where applicable filed or dispatched to head office in time Keep accurate accounts 
  • Ensure that the Oil Record Book is correctly filled in by the Chief Engineer
  • Supervise shore workers carrying out maintenance and/or repairs
  • Ensure that each crewmember is aware of his duties as listed in this section Maintain throughout the contract a good communication with the contract manager 
For Chief Officer
  • Assist the Master in all vessel command and has whatever authority the Master delegates upon him/her Description
  • Assist the Master and learn all aspects of ships command with a view to eventual promotion
  • Replaces the Master if the Master is not on board or is not any more in capacity to ensure his duty
  • Act as the ship’s Safety Officer
  • Keep the deck department inventory up to date
  • Allocate and ensure that all duties appertaining to deck department are carried out in a safe and efficient manner
  • Responsible for ensuring that the ship's LSA, Fi-Fi, anti-pollution and medical equipment is kept updated and in operational condition
  • Responsible for ensuring that all mooring, anchor handling and towing equipment are regularly maintained and in operational order
  • Responsible for loading, stowing and discharging of all deck cargoes and cleaning of bulk tanks;
  • In charge of the deck ratings and their duties
  • Assist physically on deck during special operations such as anchor handling and towing
  • Responsible for the training of deck cadets and deck crew
  • Carry out crew appraisals
  • Carry out watch keeping duties
  • Is in charge of the vessel’s chart corrections. Can delegate the task to a junior Officer but remains nevertheless responsible of the corrections. 
For 2nd Officer/2nd Officer DP 
  • Assist the Master in vessel operations and has whatever duties delegated to him/her by the Master 
  • Carry out watch keeping duties Commitment to safety and company procedures in all tasks
  • Assist the Chief Officer and learn all aspects of his duties with a view to eventual promotion Work under the Master and Chief Mate's supervision
  • Train cadets and deck crew Work on deck as required Keep chart corrections up to date and recorded
  • Assist in mooring and unmooring of vessel in port and at offshore locations For Chief Engineer 
  • Is Conversant with the vessel DP system, including its functions, the manuals and procedures Aware of the DP Plan Maintenance, current status (due and overdue tasks) and the defect history.
  • Must report to the Master any discrepancy linked to the above.
  • Receive and provide necessary written instructions from and to the others back to back DPO. Communicate and report to the Master any deficiency, incident or event that may potentially impact the vessel DP operations
  • Fill up all mandatory documents, checklists and logbooks related to the DP operations
  • Organize DP emergency response trainings to ensure proper reaction of DPO in case of DP real emergencies. 
For Chief Engineer
  • Provide reliable operation of the vessel’s engines, machinery and all other mechanical equipment 
  • Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all machinery.
  • Responsible for loading and discharging bulk cargoes and bunkers and their daily inventories, all operations being carried out fully in accordance with ASCENDING procedure
  • Responsible to the Technical Manager at head office for the planned maintenance of all machinery and inventory of spare parts and of Dry Dock job list preparation, as per company regulations.
  • All Maintenance tasks are fully planned using Task Assistant software program which shall be kept permanently updated Responsible for the duties and training of the other engineering officers and ratings
  • Recording running hours
  • Complete monthly statements on lube oils and grease Complete monthly condition reports on vital equipment
  • Samples analysis management
  • Carry out engineer officer and ratings assessments
  • Ensure that all anti-pollution precautions are undertaken whilst transferring or loading hydrocarbons
  • Responsible for correctly filling in the Oil Record Book
  • Supervise shore workers carrying out maintenance and/or repairs
  • Ensure all machinery shut down alarms are kept in working condition at all times
  • Ensure that the engine room logbook and company documentation is kept updated Keep the engine room department inventory up to date 
For 2nd Engineer
  • Assist the Chief Engineer in all vessel technical operations / tasks and has whatever authority the Chief Engineer delegates upon him/her 
  • Carry out watch keeping duties and related maintenance / tasks as required by the PMS and instructed by the Chief Engineer
  • Assist the Chief Engineer and learn all aspects of his duties with a view to eventual promotion Replaces the Chief Engineer if the Chief Engineer is not on board or is not any more in capacity to ensure his duty.
  • Allocate duties to the junior engineers and engine ratings
  • Train engineer cadets and ratings 
For Electro Technical Officer (ETO) 
  • Have whatever authority the Chief Engineer delegates to him/her with regards to electrical systems and equipment onboard
  • Provide support to the Chief Engineer by carrying out instructions issued by the Chief Engineer.
  • In accordance with the Chief Engineer’s orders and instructions, plan and perform electrical related operations including the corrective and preventative maintenance and inspection of the vessel’s electrical equipment, machinery and associated plants in accordance with all safe working practices
  • Report any electrical problems to the Chief Engineer and assist as applicable with any corrective maintenance, temporary and permanent repairs.
  • Familiarize him/herself with the Chief Engineer’s standing orders and fully complying therewith.
  • Assist as required in the routine housekeeping, care, cleaning and maintenance of the vessel’s electrical machinery, plant and other applicable items as may be required or as directed by the Chief Engineer.
  • Whenever fitted onboard carry out and assist DP maintenance as instructed by the Chief Engineer.
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