Vessel Crew Ratings

Angola, Contract is a manpower service provider that serves clients in various areas including in oil and gas. We are currently looking for professionals to work onboard of a vessel in the following positions for future projects and to add to our database.


  • Bosun
  • AB (Able Seaman) 
  • Motorman/Oiler
  • Fitter/Welder
  • Cook
  • Messman/Steward

 Important notes:

  • Please upload your CV and Certificates to be considered for future job opportunities
  • Please upload Passport copy with validity of at least 6 months 
  • Angolan nationals only


Job Qualifications & Requirements

  • Proved experience in the position to apply
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good reputation for integrity and ethics
  • Ability to create effective relationships and networks
  • Well stimulation Vessel experience is an advantage 
  • National Seaman Book
  • Valid Passaport
  • International Vaccination Card
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
  • Rating forming part of Navigation Watch STCW A-II/4 or Able seafarer deck A-II/5 Deckhand                          
  • Rating forming part of Engine Watch STCW A-II/4 or Able Seafarer Engine STCW A-III/5 (Motorman/Oiler) 
  • Survival craft  VI/2.1 (Bosun, AB deck II/5)   
  • Security Awareness STCW VI/6-1 
  • Training for Seafarer With Designated Security Duties STCW VI/6-2 
  • Welders Certificate 
  • Cook Certificate (Chief Cook)
  • Food Handling Certificate (Chief Cook/Messman)

Key Job Responsibilities

For All:

  • Carry out instructions as specified by the Master, vessel’s officers and Bosun  
  • Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks
  • Ensure that any tasks they carry out are done in a safe manne
For Bosun
  • Responsible for the safe working practices of the deck ratings  
  • Liaise with the Chief Officer and allocate duties to the deck crew  
  • Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks  
  • Responsible for the maintenance of deck equipment and machinery including rollers, winches, windlass, capstans, wires, shackles, etc  
  • Responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of deck and accommodation  
  • Supervise crew during vessel operations  
  • Ensure deck equipments are adequately secured giving due concern to weather forecasts, area and sea state  
  • Ensure deck lockers are kept in a clean and orderly manner  
  • Assist in mooring and unmooring of vessel in port and at offshore locations  
For Able Seaman - AB (Deck)
  • Maintain deck equipment and machinery as specified by Bosun / Chief Officer 
  • Clean, chip and paint as required  
  • Assist in other engine room duties should there be a requirement to do so  
  • Assist in cargo handling at offshore locations   
  • Assist in the mooring and unmooring of the vessel in port and at offshore locations  
  • Maintain a lookout in the hours of darkness or restricted visibility  
  • Act as night watchman in port  
  • Experience in supply vessel an advantage 
For Motorman/Oiler 
  • Carry out watch keeping duties  
  • Work under the Chief and 2nd. Engineers' supervision  
  • Carry out maintenance duties in the engine room  
  • Clean tanks including Fuel Tanks, Day Tanks, Potable Water Tanks and Ballast Tanks
For Fitter/Welder 
  • Responsible for the preparation and execution of welding operations according to ships officer (Deck/Engine) or other suitability qualified person instructions.  
For Cook 
  • Responsible for the preparation of meals for the crew, passengers and visitors   
  • Responsible for food inventories and preparing provision orders for the Master  
  • Check the food deliveries hygiene condition and quantities vs. orders.  
  • Have good commitment of the Company Hygiene standards.  
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the galley, freezers, cool rooms and provision stores  
  • Ensure the good condition of the Galley and other related equipment, reporting any failure to the Engineers for repairs.    
  • Report any failure to the Engineers for repairs.  
  • Western Cusine experience is an advantage 
For Messman/Steward 
  • Prepare the mess and serve food for the crew, passengers and visitors on board 
  • Keep the galley, mess-rooms, common areas, all related storage areas, including cold storage areas in a high condition of sanitation and otherwise neat, tidy and clean 
  • Keep the cabins, passenger rooms, common areas and other associated areas in a high condition of sanitation and otherwise neat, tidy and clean 
  • Complete the laundry requirements onboard, including the collection, washing, drying, pressing and reinstalling of clean laundry in each cabin, passenger room or other associated area as applicable 
  • Liaise with the Cook as required to plan and to discuss menus and other catering requirements 
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