APP Kansas City, KS

APPRENTICE Smart Home Technician 

Seeking hard-working applicants willing to learn and eager to start a career in the KANSAS CITY area. 


You will be working with low-voltage wiring, network products, programmable electronic devices, motorized window treatments, surveillance cameras and mechanical lifts. Travel to large luxury home job sites in a company vehicle and perform specific, yet varied, daily tasks. (see below) Site environments vary from new construction, to remodel, to retrofitting of existing homes.

Typical tasks performed

  • Pre-wire cabling for systems
  • Install rough-in boxes and brackets
  • Loading and unloading heavy equipment; TV’s, amplifiers, projectors, loud speakers, screens
  • Mount devices; speakers, displays, projectors, cameras, electronic door locks, sensors and more
  • Install networks; locate, connect and configure devices, program devices and systems; security, lighting, audio/video
  • Read device layout drawings, engineered schematics, and construction blueprints
  • Calibrate and troubleshoot products and systems
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Deliver state-of-the-art installed home systems and delight clients

This position requires physical activity indoors and outside; manual dexterity, climbing ladders, working in tight spaces, crawling in attics,  lifting 50 lbs. and carry it 25 feet, mastering hand and power tools and more.

What’s great about working in the Smart Home Industry?

40-hour M-F work week, 8-hour shift, typically 7:00am-4:00pm with possible overtime.

The industry is dynamic and expanding creating job and career security.

Potential for rapid advancement as many apprentices reach senior tech status in 3 years.


Applying for the paid Apprentice Program, our best candidates complete our process within 6-9 days to be presented to our employers. Doing this efficiently increases speed of hiring. The following actions are required.

  • Complete online Application and & PrepTECH Assessment (45-minutes total)
  • Participate in virtual Initial Interview with Career Coach
  • Participate in virtual Final Interview with Recruiting Manager
  • Provide materials for Candidate Profile, unique to you and highly valued by our employers (PrepTECH Resume)


Once accepted into the Apprentice Program, we:

  • Connect you with looking-to-hire employers and get you interviews
  • Prepare you for interviewing
  • Provide 40-hours of free online industry-specific training
  • Follow 13-weeks on-the-job training and skill validation

The Apprentice Program assumes you have limited experience in this industry, but it is designed to successfully launch you. The program entails training, skill development and successful integration into leading employers.

The process dramatically increases your chances of being hired by employers. There is NO COST TO YOU for this bridging service.

COVID precautions may be in force with employers in their offices and on job sites. This may include wearing a mask, social distancing and more.

Equal Opportunity Employers.


Only submit your APPLICATION if you are committed to taking the 45-minute PrepTECH Assessment within the next 48 hours.

Your APPLICATION will be withdrawn if the PrepTECH Assessment is not completed.

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