R&D Lab Engineer (600-103)

Pensando HQ, Full time

Job Requirements:

As a R&D Lab Engineer you will participate in initial bring up, testing, and supporting deisgn engineering needs. This Lab Engineer will contribute in all phases of the product test processes, including reviewing bring up preparation, lab equipment selection and purchases, bring up of a new ASICs, boards, and manufacturing Diagnostics testing. In this position, you will need:


·       To debug down to component level troubleshooting in the lab

·       Work with the HW SW, FW, QA, teams to ensure highest quality product development process

·       Running Design Verification Test, and documenting results 

·       Work with outside labs in setting up equipment for EMC, and safety tests

·       Factory visits when required to aid in troubleshooting, and deployment of test equipmint

·       Curios, team player, and willing to learn


Preferred Qualifications:

·       5+ years of experience working on product bring up in an R&D lab environment

·       Capable and proficient in using high speed scopes, logic analyzers

·       Proficient in reworking fine pitch components, as needed in the lab

·       Some knowledge in installation of operating systems, Linux, Windows, and ESX

·       Experience with PCI-Express, Ethernet, USB, JTAG and other protocols

·       Some scripting capability will be a big plus in automating day to day tasks

·       Some knowledge of manufacturing test processes and support for manufacturing test development and factory debugrequirements

·       Strong oral and written communication skills


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