Software Engineer, Compilers, LLVM (750-101)

Pensando HQ, Full time

Responsibilities :
• Develop LLVM backend for custom code generation and optimizations
• Implement new programming models for custom pipeline architecture in the compiler toolchain
• Interact with software and hardware architects and other teams to provide compiler tools perspective for ASIC and software design
• Develop debugging tools
Required Qualification:
• BS/MS with 3+ years of related experience
• Strong software engineering skills
• Extensive object oriented programming experience, preferably C++
• Previous experience in compiler development
• Thorough understanding of compiler technology and associated toolchains
• LLVM development experience
• Knowledge of LLVM IR and transformations
• Knowledge of compiler backend technologies such as register allocation, instruction selection, peephole optimizations
• Experience in constraints based resource allocation and graph algorithms
• Knowledge of networking and packet processing a plus
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