Joint Product Operations Supervisor - Second Shift

Oakland, CA, Full time

General Position Summary & Responsibilities:
This is a second shift position and requires that candidates be available to work the second shift. 
The JP Operations Supervisor (JPOS) reports directly to the JP Operations Manager (JPOM) and oversees the day-to-day activities associated with the collection, processing and treatment of Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) prior to shipment to the landfills. The incumbent oversees nonferrous (NF) metal recovery and fluff stockpiling processes in compliance with state regulatory requirements. The JPOS assigns daily duties for pickers / cleaners in this department. The JPOS assists the JPOM, Shredder Manager, Terminal Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Regional Environmental Manager, Regional Safety Engineer(s) and facility and regional Commercial teams with issues pertaining to optimizing physical plant operations. Maintains a safe work environment and assists the Regional Safety Engineer(s) in training employees on safety procedures.
This position operates within somewhat flexible parameters. The primary goal of this position is to achieve excellence in all facets of the JP operations. Providing the highest quality product safely, effectively and efficiently decreases accidents and errors and increases profits. Responsibilities are to ensure that compliance is maintained according to state regulations. Continuous process analysis and improvement is
required to ensure maximum efficient metal recovery which is measured daily.
Essential Functions:
1) Environmental and Health & Safety (H&S)
a) Ensures safe work practices and equipment are used at all times and that
documentation, inspections, and current practices are in accordance with
corporate safety policies, OSHA and other regulatory guidelines. In addition,
provides a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors.
b) Creates Health & Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) with Regional Safety Engineer(s).
c) Ensures all department employees receive timely safety and operational training
and that the appropriate documents (signed acknowledgement forms) are
prepared. Maintains employee files per regional practice.
d) Assigns an employee to be on the Safety Committee and personally attends
Safety Committee meetings on rotation with other managers.
e) Monitors safety program to reduce accident frequency within department,
implements new departmental safety ideas/procedures in line with overall MRB
Health & Safety goals.
f) Responsible for understanding and monitoring the regulatory environment as it affects this department and the Company’s relationship with the regulatory
2) Equipment & Maintenance
a) Oversees the JP plant operations and ensures that all equipment is operated and maintained properly.
b) Purchases chemicals, fly ash or cement pumps and/or parts necessary to
maintain proper functioning of the JP Plant.
c) Prepares the scheduling for major projects to the JP Plant including manpower, equipment, downtime and timeline
3) Inventory & Quality Control
a) Ensures that processing and storage of finished goods is done in compliance
with internal controls already set in place.
b) Monitors daily production reports to continuously improve throughput, reduce
costs/expenses; increase profitability and maximize metal recovery.
4) Administrative Management
a) Reviews performance of direct reports.
b) Interviews prospective production employees.
Specific Other Responsibilities (regional, location, compliance, etc.):
Within this section and upon the hire or placement of an individual, the Direct Manager will include, if applicable, any additional Essential Functions specific to the region. If necessary, the writer can exclude a specific Essential Function that would not be expected to be performed.
Internal Control Responsibilities:
Supports the Company’s Internal Control process which includes understanding,
communicating and complying with defined internal controls as well as suggesting and making modifications to the policies, procedures and controls to better relate to the business.
Communicates upward problems in operations, noncompliance with the code of conduct, or other policy violations or illegal actions.
Supervisory Responsibility:
This position directly supervises a group of employees on up to 3 shifts.
See applicable General Manager and Joint Product Operations organization charts for all direct and indirect reporting relationships.
Interpersonal Contacts:
Internal contact with the Plant Manager, Shredder Manager, Terminal Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Day & Night Shift Supervisors, Warehouse Supervisor, Regional Safety Engineer(s), Regional Environmental Manager, facility and regional
Commercial Teams and Regional Purchasing Manager. External contacts include
suppliers and equipment manufacturers.
Job Conditions:
Exposure to physical operations at metal recycling yards; it is necessary to walk/climb in active industrial yards with uneven surfaces and to out-of-the-way areas. Outdoor environment with exposure occasional exposure to inclement weather, dust and dirt associated with a scrap yard facility conditions.
Workload is cyclical and often reactive and cannot be anticipated or planned for. Work pressure can be substantial during peak times, requiring considerable adaptability; disturbances of work flow, and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. This can present significant time pressures when strict adherence to deadlines is critical. Often many extra hours are required, weekend, weekday and holidays. Regular overtime is required. Offsite work may involve visiting other locations. Occasional travel is required.
Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions:
Able to: sit, stand, or walk for up to 12 hours per day; bend, crouch; climb, balance, push/pull, lift or carry up to 50 pounds; hand and finger dexterity to grasp tools and equipment parts to make repairs; able to negotiate over and around uneven surfaces.
Visual acuity for close inspection of documents, schematics, and equipment parts for repairs.
High school diploma or equivalent. 2-5 years of manufacturing work experience, with 1-2 years of managerial experience. Strong mechanical aptitude and knowledge of manufacturing processes required. Prior experience managing and leading a work crew is necessary. Maintenance background preferred. Previous exposure to working within a unionized environment is a plus. This is a specialized job that requires intensive in-house training. Spanish speaking helpful but not necessary. This position requires possession of a valid driver’s license and the ability to drive an automobile.
Communicate, both orally and in writing, in a professional manner. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Ability and understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagrammatic form; deal with problems involving several specific variables in or from standard situations.
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