Reno, NV, Full time

Directly reports to: Regional Asset Manager (this is not a supervisor position, and thus will have no direct report to responsibilities/management)


-       Repair & maintain mechanical equipment

-       Conduct quality control analysis

-       Evaluate performance

-       Compliance with Health, Safety & Environmental standards

-                   Metals Recycling

-       Posses a valid drivers license

-       Knowledge of machines & tools (designs, uses, repairs & maintenance)

-       Repair/replace malfunctioning or broken components of machines and equipment

-       Re-assemble equip after inspections/testing/repairs

-       Operate repaired equipment to verify adequacy

-       Record repairs/maintenance

-       Repair/replace damage/worn parts

-       Test products and equipment to ensure performance & compliance

-       Clean, lubricate, & perform other maintenance work on equipment & vehicles

-       Diagnose faults/malfunctions to determine repairs, engine diagnostics & calibration

-       Provide special projects & assistance throughout scrap yard

Communication: Face-to-face, telephone & email communications


-       All weather conditions

-       Noise, fumes & dirt

-       Scrap yard environment

Required articles to eliminate hazard risks:

-       Safety shoes

-       Hearing protection

-       Respirators

-       Face shield

Work Load: unpredictable & substantial pressure during peak times


Work schedule may be irregular as extra hours may be required (weekends, weekdays & holidays potentially)

Physical Requirements:

-       Lift & carry up to 100 lbs

Ability to stand for 12 hours a day

-       Crouch/bend at knees to increase visibility

-       Climb 60 vertical steps

-       Stoop or bend at waist (visibility)

-       Reach at arm length/overhead

-       Twist & turn at neck & trunk

-       Walking on uneven ground

-       Handle/grasp tools & parts

-       Communicate speech & hearing continually


-       High School Diploma/GED Certificate (required)

-      5 years assisting skilled trades persons in repair & maintenance of heavy equipment (required)

Associates degree in Heavy Duty Truck or Heavy Equipment Repair (preferred)

2 years of relevant experience (considered)

Current Electricians License or ID card to meet government regulations (required)

-       Valid Drivers License (required)

-       Ability to drive an automobile (required)

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