Remote Software Business Manager

Washington, DC, Full time

Job Summary

Our client strives to maintain a highly motivated team that enjoys being part of our business and providing the best customer service. With you on our side as an enthusiastic, personable and organized business manager, we will easily achieve this goal. You will work closely with our team members to develop and implement initiatives, including topnotch business strategies. With your strong administration skills, you will ensure that all operational processes run smoothly by overseeing certain operations and providing support to the project management team. You will also use your excellent accounting skills to manage our finances, provide business analyses and create reports for management as well as experience the excitement of crafting a smooth operation as you collaborate with department heads to develop and maintain an efficient company. We are looking for a software engineer who is looking to transition into a Business Manager role. Must be able to interview software engineers. 

Job Responsibilities

' Monitor projects to ensure all aspects are completed on time and in an efficient and productive manner to increase profits and reduce the waste of resources.
' Coordinate with team leaders, department heads and other staff members to facilitate communication for the smooth running of the company. 
' Create forecasts for projects with associated staff members and develop initiatives to achieve these goals. 
' Review financial reports for accuracy, completeness and whether they are in line with current projections and ultimate business goals. 
' Understand the inner workings of the company, including the organization chart, policies and other components so that you can answer any questions from customers or staff.
' Build relationships with staff members, clients, customers and other key players, and create a communication system that ensures all remain aware of important information. 
' Ensure compliance with government regulations and company policies across the entire company, including implementing risk management and safety guidelines. 

Job Skills & Qualifications


' 3 to 5 years' experience as a business manager or Software Engineer
'  Software Engineering or Web Design Background 
' Bachelor's degree
' Strong written and verbal communication skills
' Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel
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