PHA Facilitator - 97

Pensacola, Full time

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.    Facilitate (Plan, Execute, Report) most or all company PHAs. This includes assisting site teams in developing practical short-term and long-term solutions to address recommendations.

2.    Partner with leaders to ensure appropriate prioritization of process safety action items and hold action item owners accountable to timely and effective completion of these action items. This includes:

3.    Developing site program owners for each of the process safety programs.

4.    Setting and tracking goals and metrics for PSM effectiveness improvements.

5.    Coordinating process safety training related to program deployment.

6.    Facilitate effective leadership engagement to ensure ownership of recommendations. This includes highlighting appropriate information to allow leaders to prioritize recommendations.

7.    Deliver PHA reports that are feasible to use on a day-to-day basis as the foundational hazard analysis for other programs, such as MOC. Thus allowing for an evergreen PHA.

8.    Lead tactical development of the company PHA program.

9.    Support development of other company process safety policies and programs.

10. Develop process safety competencies needed to support programs during deployment.

11. Facilitate multi-site knowledge sharing.

12. Support process safety audits at the operating sites.

13. Ability to travel 30-50 percent annually


Experience, Expertise and Qualifications:

1.    BS degree in engineering or experience in leading team where hazard recognition is a top priority

2.    Understanding of and practice in identifying and managing risks

3.    A passion for educating people to work more safely

4.    Ability to motivate others to learn to improve

5.    Ability to achieve results through others

6.    Excellent written and oral communication skills, organizational and planning skills, facilitation skills and computer skills

7.    Innovative, analytical and detailed oriented


1.    Deployment of process safety programs.

2.    Leadership role in a highly hazardous chemical operations process.

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